Thursday, June 16, 2005

Free Patterns and Charts for Crochet

Links to free patterns and charts. For personal use only. All rights remain mine. Don't steal 'em. Don't say they are yours. Email me if you have any problems with them. Have fun.


~ Hot Shawl-colate

~ Stashbuster Safety Helmet Backpack
~ In Flander's Feild, A poem and a Pattern (Poppy)
~Strawberry 'Jamma Bag (Pajama Bag)


~ Moneybag
(includes pattern and chart)

~ Ladybug

~ Little Monkey

~Canada Day maple Leaf

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Blogger Amilie said...

That Strawberry Jamma Bag looks soo cute!!~ That will be my summer project after I'm done with all my finals (which won't be until end of June)!! Thank you for posting that pattern up~


2:42 a.m.  

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