Wednesday, June 22, 2005

If I find one more spider in my house, I'm gonna frickin' move! Ok, that was my small opening rant...I feel better now.
I spent half the day cleaning and cooking, half of it chasing after a toddler, a pre-teen, a cat and a dog, and the other half crocheting......3 halfs? Hmmmm? Well, I AM a mom, after all. We can do anything. Especially when we delegate.
I didn't finish my "flash of brilliance" project, but I got about half done. I still really like it, so that's a good sign. Sometimes my great inspirations are better off staying inside my sleep deprived mind. I have been known to hate an idea halfway through creating it. I know I said I would post a progress pic (and I will, relax), but I don't want to show off the whole thing until it's finished. So, here's a sneak peak:

Stay tuned!


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