Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I am way too tired, hot and brainless to write anything even halfway intelligent today. I just spent a full 2 minutes in the pantry looking for the milk. Duh. So, here are a few links you may like:
  • If you are sick of yarn (like that's gonna happen) or just want to try something new, try crocheting with wire and beads. I have done a bit and it's really neat. Not that I can produce anything worthwhile, except maybe to my 3 year old for costume jewelery. But it's fun. Try it. "How To" with Wire
  • Love PEZ? Who doesn't!? Well, me, I guess. I hate the candies, but I love the dispensers. I must not love them as much as some people. Pez Collector's News. Factory tours would be cool, though.
  • Crochet a funky Masquerade Mask! This would be great with little colorful flowers all around it. Or leave out the eye openings and make a sleep mask.
  • The L.L. Bean GSI Vortex Blender . Seriously, folks. It's a handcranked blender. For camping. The description says "ideal for mixing shakes, sauces or pancake batter" but, really. We know it's for daiquiris. Strawberry daiquiris. I tried one at the store and I can tell ya, that is one powerful blender. I am so buying one before my next camping trip.

And that's it. My little office has now turned into a little brick oven for the rest of today's daylight hours. I need to now go and lay perectly still under my livingroom fan. Hot. Too damn hot.


Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

I like the masquerade mask pattern. Thanks for sharing!

2:25 p.m.  

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