Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Yarn!

Oh my god! The store I work at got in new yarn! I was so excited! Strangely, my fellow coworkers did not share my enthusiasm. And I suppose ya'll wouldn't care about this particular yarn so much, since it's not exactly rare....but hey, I'm in a small town where the "quality" yarn can be found at Walmart. It's all Lionbrand (Kool Wool , Wool-Ease® , Wool-Ease®Chunky , Wool-Ease®Sportweight ) and OH the most beeaUTiful colors! There are mostly beige and brown tweedy colors and the Kool Wool has some lime greens and hot reds. Oh, my, I was in heaven. I almost stopped one lady from buying 8 of the plum colored Wool-Ease. I was so scared it would all sell before I can go in and buy some tomorrow. But then I went upstairs to the stock room.....GASP! There are CASES of it piled higher than ME (to be fair, I'm only 5'1")! So, I think I am safe till tomorrow. Oh, and the best part....the price! The same stuff is at Walmart for about $5-6 CAD(that's about $3.75-4.50 USD). At my store, it's only $2.89 CAD ($2.17 USD)!!! And I get a staff discount! And....I have a 10 hour drive to Maine on Thursday! Hmmm....wonder what I'll be doing....
Speaking of Maine....anyone around there know a good place for yarn? Everytime we go to the US, we end up missing all the yarn stores. Usually because we are in a rush to get home. This time, we ARE finding a good store. We are camping nearby Portland. Hubby already looked up the 24 hour
LLBean, so I know we will be shopping there. What great campers we are, eh? We can't go anywhere unless we look up the retail possibilities first. I've also used the store locator for Joann to find the store in Portland. I'm starting to think it's a good thing we only have 4 days, or we might run out of money shopping!
Ok, now on a totally seperate note....what the hell is this?

No, seriously.....I found it dead on my driveway. It's frickin' HUGE!!!! I have no clue what it is, other than to call it an insect. Really, does anyone know? Should I be worried? And I did not break my promise.....I said no more spider pictures. It's not a spider.


Blogger pixi said...

its a cicada! we get them all the time in australia
hope this helps :)

12:22 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tara you are too funny!! I don't know about Cicada??? but here in Texas we call that bug a locust.

11:17 p.m.  
Blogger noricum said...

It's a cicada... a locust is actually a grasshopper.

2:14 p.m.  

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