Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Random Updates

Tomorrow my oldest baby leaves me for a little more than a month to go get entirely spoiled by grandparents. Sigh.
I will also be (attempting) to list all of my finished sweaters on Ebay tomorrow afternoon. Speaking of Ebay, I never won that yarn pendant. I got outbid in the last few minutes. Curses, foiled again!
I am was very angry with my job last night. Well, I still am. There was a little 7 yr old girl missing in the area where our store is (wandered away from a very bad babysitter), and nobody made a single announcement. It was more than 10 minutes before I even heard about it, and that was from the crying mother who was rollerblading around the store with a picture herself. She must have talked to a dozen other people that worked there, including a manager, and the only page we heard was "If there is a Gabrielle in the store, please come to cash ten." What?!?!?!? She's seven! She has no idea where cash 10 is! I am sick to think that she could have been in my toy department and I had no idea to look for her. As soon as the mother came to me, I immediately got the picture photocopied, put it up on all outside doors with a description and personally made an announcement to the store. My god. We need a system there. If anyone has ever seen
Code Adam in use, you will know how important it is. Every single second can matter when a kid is missing. I'm going to be speaking to the owners of the store about this. I am hoping that the lack of news this mornig means that little Gabrielle made it home safe.
And...I know it's WIP Wednesday, but I don't have a lot to show. I have a bit of a new sweater done. Oh, but I can show you a picture of my pretty pretty crochet bag....I got it at the Dollarama (yay for being cheap!).


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