Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yarn: The Answer to World Peace?

Well, maybe not world peace, but perhaps small sections of it. We got new yarn at work again. And this is the fun yarn. It's a very large bin full of 1lb bags of every kind of color you can dream up. And they looove to be fondled. I know they do. I can hear them calling to me. And the best part of it, you practically have to climb into the bin to see what's down near the bottom. It's like swimming in yarn. Yes, ok, I know. I have an illness. But, go on, judge me. Any one of you, I dare ya.
So we have this manager in the store. Let's just call her *Betty. Betty is not the, um, well, nicest person around. Actually, she's pretty mean. Ok, so she's really the devil masquerading as a department store supervisor. She lies about staff to get them into trouble. She belittles, degrades, and insults staff on a regular basis. She treats us all like we are morons and she is the only intelligent person left on earth, poor her. On numerous occasions, she has made people cry while at work. Yes, me included. I eventually told her off a bit, but not enough to get fired. That helped some, but pretty much just for me. She has diverted her evil to other people now.
But I have discovered her weakness. She, like you and me, is a yarn fondler. And it makes her happy. And chatty. And while she fondles the yarn, she talks to me like I am a real person and not a peice of gum stuck to her shoe. Huh. Go figure. I think somebody oughta send a big case of yarn to all the evil people in the world. All they really need is something to do with their hands and a few pretty colors to brighten up their lives.
A girl can dream, can't she. Sigh.
And now onto real life. I have been working way too much lately. I think someone forgot to tell them that I am a part time worker. I have way too much crocheting to work this much. We had inventory on Saturday, which is stressful. Not because I can't count. Because I can. It's because everyone else in that store stresses themselves out to the point of imminent disaster. Relax, people. Sheesh. And enough with the extra shifts. I need more "me" time. To buy more yarn. For "me".
I have managed to list some new items on Ebay (see sidebar for what's on sale). And for those of you who like yarn porn, here is one of the pretty pretty yarns I scavanged from my bin diving expedition at work:

I have no idea what it will be, but I love the colors, and it's soooo soft. And, just to tease ya'll, here's what I am making now:

Stay tuned to see what it will be. Doesn't it look a little like a candy factory exploded?

* Names have been to protect the innocent....which is me...cuz I don't want to get fired.


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