Thursday, September 08, 2005

I have a FRIEND!!!

That sounds so very, very sad and pathetic. Don't lie. I know it does. But I don't care. Cuz I have friend! A real one. With hair and skin and bones and everything. Her name is Janet. She's my friend. We had a date tonight. At a bar. Ok, fine, a coffee bar. It's an adult only coffee shop, so the grown-ups can smoke. Her, not me. But I didn't mind. Anything for a friend.
But, really, it was fun. We talked and talked and talked. About kids and husbands and exes and politics and clothes, and the frat guy that I once made out with in the middle of a bar even though I didn't like him at all but he was really hot, and the creepy guy that she works with that made really creepy sexual comments to her and freaked her right out, and .....well, all the girly stuff. We gossiped about people we both know and reminisced about our younger years (even though she's only 27 and I'm not quite 30....but we feel old, dammit). I had fun. I hope she calls me for a second date. Should I send flowers or something?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you have kids, going out with a girlfriend is such a treat. I haven't gotten to do that for so've inspired me!

Sonja, a crochet addict in Southern California.

2:00 a.m.  

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