Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Speedbumps on the Road to Cleanliness

So, I get a message on my phone yesterday. It's from my mom.
"Hi. I'm in Ontario now (she lives in Alberta). I'll be visiting freinds for a bit and then I'll be at your house on Thursday." Eeeeeek. I knew she was coming, but I totally lost track of time. What with building a kitchen and organizing the toothbrush drawer and all. So, now I have today to finish all of my cleaning.
All of the rooms that I have already cleaned and organized in the past weeks are fine. That's the beauty of my newfound neat freakiness. I know that my bedroom, bathroom, hallways, kitchen, living and dining rooms are clean. I don't even have to look. It's amazing. The problem is the rooms I have not yet had time to clean. My daughters' rooms and my office are the big ones. I'm not even gonna take pictures for ya'll. It's too embarassing. I know that once I get them tidy, they will stay that way, but I'm out of time. There have been a few speedbumps slowing me down ever since I got that message.

Speedbump #1: A toddler with a bladder infection. It's difficult to describe what it's been like dealing with that the past 5 days. Hellish, may be a good word for it. Let's just say, I'm still watching for that roving band of Gypsies that I keep threatening my kids I will sell them to. I love her and all, but really. What a bag. Ok, yes, I know she's in pain. And when she cries in pain, I do all the right mom stuff and hug her and doctor her and cry a little myself. It's the part where she's using her illness to test every one of my limits. She has turned into the rudest, bossiest, most unreasonable little brat. My kids don't act like that. I don't allow it. But she's smart. She knows how to fake a few cries of pain to get out of punishment. This antibiotic better work fast. Especially with Granny coming to visit.

Speedbump #2: TV is goooood lately. I've been doing well with my evening time-management lately. Folding and ironing laundry while watching TV, unloading the dishwasher on commercials, etc. But overall, I could have gotten more done last night, if I had turned it off. Ya, right. Amazing Race, Commander in Chief, Supernatural, My Name is Earl, The Office. Come on. Like I wasn't gonna watch all that. Oh, and did ya'll see that episode of Supernatural last night? It scared the bejeezers out of me. Even though I am scared of darn near everything in real life, fictional stories don't usually bother me. I walked home by myself, in the dark, after watching The Sixth Sense. But last night. Yikes. It was about the old urban legend about Bloody Mary. Ya know, the one where you say her name 3 times in a dark bathroom and then she scratches your eyes out. I was sooooo scared of that growing up. To this day, I can't, cannot, be in a bathroom with the doors closed and the lights off. It freaks me out. I need to turn the TV off more, don't I? But those guys on that show are super cute. And they killed Bloody Mary. Sigh. My heros.

Speedbump #3: YARN. I am drowning in yarn. Tangled yarn. When did it all get so tangled? And it's all in my office, in plain view, so it has to be sorted before it can be tidied. I spent at least 3 hours untangling last night. Sure, I had TV to entertain me while I did it. But I hate it. Hate. Hate. Hate. I don't know why I didn't just throw most of it away. Ok, I know. It's yarn. But still. Isn't there a limit? Do ya'll spend that much time trying to save enough yarn to barely make a scarf? Is it a sickness I have? It must be.

Speedbump #4: Time. Yikes. I'm so out of time. It just keeps passing. Tick Tock. Oh, the pressure of it all. Sure, I have all of today and a bit of tomorrow. But ya'll haven't seen my office. It's like an office supply store and a yarn store got together for a few drinks, chatted a little, found a seedy No-Tell Motel and ....umm....loved each other very much. And created my office. And then it blew up. It's pretty bad. I really shouldn't even be sitting here. Drinking coffee. Chattering away to ya'll. Watching the sun rise. I need to get moving. After one more coffee.


Blogger Jocelyn Sass said...

Your posts are so enjoyable to read! I hope you get all your housework done. And good luck with all that yarn!

7:59 p.m.  
Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

Love Supernatural and yes, I keep every darn strand of yarn, tangled or not. It is a sickness...LOL

8:23 p.m.  

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