Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why My New Kitchen is 'Steeped'

Jana, a fellow Canadian blogger, has given me a very high Canadian compliment and said that my kitchen is steeped. That's just the sweetest thing, Jana. I might cry.
I have been getting a ton of compliments, though, and I thought I would let ya'll know why my new kitchen is steeped.

We planned. A LOT. We actually spent about a year and a half in the planning phase before we even touched a tool. Why? Because people change their minds. A lot. We all do it. There's nothing wrong with it. But, if we had stuck with our first plan, we would have a kitchen that has twice as many cabinets (which would take up too much room), a monstrosity of tiles on almost every surface and would have cost at least 4 times as much. Luckily, hubby likes to plan kitchens. It was very cute. He would sit at the table and draw little boxes on his
Home Depot kitchen planning worksheet, and mutter to himself for hours. Very cute. But he did this 6 times. And each time, the plan got smaller and more simple. Eventually he came up with the final plan and even Bob, the Home Depot kitchen planning guy, told him it was a great plan. I think hubby blushed. Awwww.

We shopped. A LOT. I have always been a bargain hunter, and this has been my ultimate challange. A kitchen is a big deal. And, since the whole idea is to attract buyers when we eventually sell this house, it can't look cheap. The trick is to buy good things on sale, or great things on clearance, or cheap things that look great. The cabinets are
Mill's Pride. Not the most expensive ones, and we didn't get all the little doo-dads that they offer, but not the cheapest, either. The floors are also 'middle-of-the-road'. Same with the counters. The sink looks like ceramic but is really a high quality fiberglass. It was actually cheaper than some of the ugly steel sinks.
The faucet was a great find. It's made by Peerless and was at Canadian Tire. Hubby and I disagreed about it, becuase I didn't want to spend 200 bucks on a faucet. I know, I know, that's a steal for a faucet like that. But I still resisted. Turns out, my cheap-ass instincts were right. Just a few weeks ago, it went on sale. If you shop at Canadian Tire, you know what that means. They have goooood sales. It went down to $130. Now THAT I can handle. No pun intented. Ok, fine, I intended it.
The decorative things were all cheap. The sink mat and oven mitts from Walmart, the red cassarole dish from Giant Tiger, and the flower pots and vases and all that were from
Homesense (Jana, you have to go there NOW if you are using the same colors. They have soooo much stuff right now, but it will probably be overrun with Christmas stuff soon). It was all very cheap. The candlesticks were on clearance. I love my candlesticks.
But, you get the idea. I didn't buy a single thing without shopping around first.

We did as much as we could ourselves. Really, all we had to pay people to do for us was the floor and countertop. The rest was all us. The floors because we didn't want to mess up an expensive peice of lino. That would suck. The countertops because hubby had to go away and I couldn't do that myself. I can do a lot, but I have limits. But, I did learn how to do a lot of things that I wouldn't have if he hadn't gone away. I used an air compressor and a staple gun to lay down plywood for the floors. I learned how to drywall. I love to drywall. I have a lot more to say about drywalling, but that will be another day, another post. But I loved it. I have built cabinets and stained wood and painted walls and ceilings and put up door trim and so on and so on. Hubby did all the electrical and plumbing and lifted all the heavy things. It's been great. And we charge a lot less in labor costs.

So, we now almost have a steeped kitchen. All that's really left is the baseboards and some trim around the cabinets and window, a few cabinet doors we are waiting for delivery on and a light. We haven't actually choosen a light, yet. Well, we did. We bought pot lights. But we've changed out minds. So now we have some more shopping to do. That's steeped.


Blogger Jana said...

heeheeeeheeee! can you tell that i am completely addicted to tim's? i'm serious! the nearest to me is a 15 minute drive one way and i go almost everyday.......its bad! your post is hilarious and i totally agree with you. we are redoing our house as well and have been planning for 2 years. the hosue is fine, but its all 80's peach and brass. we have changed our minds a million times on colour so i think its good not to rush! i am totally going to homesense this weekend!! thanks for the info:)
slowly but surely, soon to be steeped!

1:20 a.m.  

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