Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Awww......Poor Baby

What could be more sadder than this? Maybe if his arm was in a sling, and he was just a baby puppy, and if all his friends were making fun of him. Well, actually, his cat won't play with him (scared of the bucket), so DAMN, that is sad.
I got home monday night to find a MASSIVE blood blister on Duke's left ear. I'm told it's common in dogs who flap their ears when they are itchy, and since he has food allergies that make his ears itchy, it was probably inevitable. I kinda wish I was told sooner. I could have started looking for buyers for my children so that I could afford the damn surgery needed to fix his ear. Stupid dog. Why'd he have to pick me at the SPCA? Why'd he have to be so damn cute and loving and protective and gentle and, except for his allergies and ears, the best damn dog I ever knew?

That's the terrible trio. I'm the cute one on the right. Your right. Assuming you are not reading this through the eyes in the back of your head. The party was fun. Suspiciously lacking in drama. I'm not sure what happened. My uncle didn't get drunk and pick on me. My step brother didn't get drunk and annoy everyone by yelling in their faces. My sister didn't get drunk and start crying that she doesn't have kids and it's not fair that I got knocked up at 17 and got to start early. My mom didn't get drunk and cry about me moving away and taking her grandchildren and favorite son-in-law. My other sister and her bitchy friends didn't get drunk and start acting like bitchy high school girls and making fun of everyone else.
Oh, they were drunk. All of them. That's a given. They just behaved. ALL of them. I don't think I've ever seen it before. NO DRAMA. That's just not like my family. There's no such thing as a quick lunch without drama in my family. Really, it's like a big soap opera.
So, I had fun.
The plane ride was something else entirely. First of all, I want to say to all Canadians who are flying.....FLY WESTJET! Seriously, they rock. I was still scared to death, and I hated every second in the air, but I knew that at least I would die with friendly people. Not the garbage that Air Canada employs.
So, on the way to Edmonton, they found explosives on my carry on bag going through security. Yikes. Luckily, my husband's job description is roughly 'blows shit up', so I had a reason for it. And I was all too happy to let them search me in front of everyone. Please. Be thorough. I appreciate it. Then they had to call the army and confirm that my husband actually did that job before letting me on the plane. But, I got on.
On the way home, I very nearly missed my flight. I wrote 8:45 down as the departure time, but it was really 8:00 am. I got to check in at 7:45. But Westjet got me on. I had to run (thank heavens I quit smoking), but the check in lady ran with me, to make sure I got to the plane in time. It was very very close. I love Westjet.
So, again, I have vowed never to fly again. I hate it. I am bad at it. I am cursed with the flying. If there were ever anyone who was doomed to end in a fiery plane crash, it's me. At the very least, I will end up on some crazy deserted island getting picked off by lunatics hiding in the jungle.
But, I am home now. To my sad little dog and my kids that don't shut up and my husband talking about blowing shit up.....and I couldn't be happier to be here.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!


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