Tuesday, December 06, 2005

While I Still Can...

I'm having a bad morning. Real bad. My eleven year old missed the bus. Then she lied to me about how it happened. Does anything make you more angry than when they lie to you about things like that? Especially when they are so bad at lying? Then I put the coffee grounds in the part of the coffeemaker where the water goes, very likely destroying my beautiful coffeemaker. And, my arm still hurts. There has been no drainage. It's looking more and more like I will need some surgery. On my right arm. My dominant arm. I am a useless tool with my left arm.
So, I am doing a random Meme thingy today. Because I don't want to rant and rave about my daughter. Or my own stupidity. Or how I feel like crap on a cracker. And I still have the use of my arm. So there.

20 Years Ago (1985):
I was in grade 5. It pretty much sucked. I was picked on a lot. I blocked most of it out. I do remember stirrup pants and long sweaters, though. And that was the year we had our first sex ed class. Fun.

10 Years Ago (1995):
I was working at a record company full time, even though I don't listen to music, so I could support myself and my new baby....and the deadbeat dad. Oh, and the deadbeat roommate that the deadbeat dad brought in. It was so sweet the way they would look up from their video games long enough to wave goodbye as I trudged off to work to feed their sorry asses. I loved how they always ate all of the food during the day, so I never had to worry about crazy things like getting fat. Sigh. How much do I miss those days? I DON'T!

5 Years Ago (2000):
I had just become engaged. NOT to the deadbeat. New man. Good man. Great man. I worked for an office supply company. It was a great job. All those pens. And the paper. Sigh. I DO miss those days a little.

3 Years Ago (2002):
Between the 5 years and 3 years part of this Meme, a lot happened. Got married. Hubby went to Afghanistan to be a hero. Meanwhile, we had the new baby. Almost as soon as he got home, we were posted across the country. So, this time 3 years ago.....I'm pretty sure I was unpacking. And maybe having a drink to relax.

Last Year (2004):
I was sitting in about the same spot I am now. Oh, except my office was blue, but now it's green. And it's another new house. And there was another tour to Afghanistan in the past 3 years, too. Not me. I didn't go. I don't like the heat. The hero I married. He has a thing for the sand, I think.
I was working retail last Christmas, but that's about the only big change.

This Year (2005):
Same as last, but no job. And this time the tour to Afghanistan is upcoming, not past. Not sure when, but his name has been put on the list.
As for the rest, my intro tells ya what this day is like so far.

Next Year (2006):
Who the Hell knows. This is the army life we lead. It would be nice if we were still here, in this house, but I doubt it. We could be anywhere.

10 Years From Now (2015):
Well, after I win the lottery and buy ya'll a car........just kidding. Sorry. That was mean.
At some point in the next 10 years, I would like to go back to school. I don't know what for. That depends on where we are, I suppose. Otherwise....well, the mstery is all part of the adventure, isn't it?


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I am sorry about Afganistan (sp ?) your post made me appreciate what I have.....

11:53 p.m.  

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