Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Points of Interest

Ok, fine, they're interesting to me. I never promised you I'd be interesting to everyone.

P.O.I #1: The buses were cancelled today. Freezing rain. Oldest brat stays home with me today. Mwahahahaha. I get a laundry folder. It's very very very icy out there. I just finished driving hubby to work (I needed the car to go to the doctor, but I discuss that later in the list. So keep reading). I feared for my life. But I got Tim Horton's anyway.

P.O.I #2: Hubby came home last night with great news. He's getting promoted. And posted. But we don't have to move. The military is creating a new regiment, a special ops thing, and they choose him to help get it up and running. If he does well, he could come out the other end with another promotion. This was very unexpected, but also very welcome and exciting. And now I can get a job, since we know we will be staying for a while. Yay. Money.
I can't really keep you updated on his job. Much. Some of the soldiers tell their wives over the phone that they can't discuss military things, but then they go home and spill.
Not mine. Lips sealed. Mums the word. I get ZERO details. And it will be worse now. Which I am OK with. Usually.
It is a little odd telling people that your husband is away..."where? oh, well, I don't know. Somewhere in the world, anyway". He usually tells me where he's been after he gets back, at least. So, as long as he's making me money, I'll live with the secrecy. And as long as he doesn't abuse it. I'd better not start hearing things like, "Uh, ya, I gotta go somewhere tonight. Work, ya know. No. No. I can't say where. I'll just be a few hours. Don't wait up. What? My uniform? No. It's not required. Why do I smell like Axe Body Spray and have gel in my hair? Um. It's part of the disguise. Ya. That's it. A disguise."

P.O.I #3: The armpit zit. It's back. Did you hear me, people? IT.IS.BACK! I can't handle this again. I have too much to do. It's just little, but I noticed it last night. Right on top of the stretch marks from the old one. Yes. I have stretch marks in my pit. That's how big this thing can get. And DAMN can it hurt. It's starting to now. Seriously. I've had two kids. If you asked me if I would rather have another armpit zit or give birth would be a toss-up. I mean, sure, labor sucked, but it was never more than 5 hours (I apologize to all mothers who had to labor for more than 5 hours).
So, I'm going to the doctor today. And I expect something to be done. I need an ending to this drama. At least hubby is actually worried this time. But that's just because he's so happy and giggly about his new job.

P.O.I #4: Is it me, or is Ebay a bit slow? Or does everyone just totally hate the sweater I listed. Because I don't hate it. And it took me days to make. But there isn't even anyone watching this auction. I'm a bit worried. I've never had a crochet item not sell on Ebay before. And if nobody is gonna buy it, I may just have to keep it for my own brat. Even though she has a gazillion crocheted sweaters already. Every time I try out a new design, she gets the prototype.

P.O.I #5: Ignore number four. I'm just being whiny.

P.O.I #6: I got the photos back from Walmart. It all worked out well. And it was pretty cheap. They have some sort of online sale right now, I think. So, now I can order just the photos I want and not have a hundred gazillion prints of pictures I don't want. I'm one of those people that takes at least four shots for every pose...just in case the sun moved a lot in 6 seconds.
Also, now I can get the right amount of prints for all of my family. So there is no more fighting. The old way was to get doubles, take out a few I like, send the rest to my mom. She was supposed to take a few she liked, then pass them to my sister, who in turn passed them to Dad, and then my other sister. Sometimes, to be fair the order was changed, but someone was always left with the crappy out-of-focus pictures of the kids where neither one was looking at the camera, and at least one of them looks like a troll (not naturally, just the angles and shadows and all that). Now they all get THE SAME PICTURE. And they can quit their damn bitching. OH, and if I really want to be mean, I can send the photos to the Walmart where they live, and then THEY have to pay for them. Mwahahahahaha.

P.O.I #7: I apologize for all of the evil laughter today. I'm not actually aiming for world domination. But I think the Armpit Zit may be. (I've decided to capitalize 'Armpit Zit' from now on. Out of respect. And fear. I think it's trying to kill me) So, just in case you read about me in the news, you'll know the voices told me to do it. Shut up. They did, too.


Blogger noricum said...

Ack! Not The Zit! Bad Zit! Actually, it sounds more like a boil. Are you stressed? I find I get more nasty zits when I'm stressed.

9:26 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I hope A.Z. isn't planning on taking over the world! Drive safely. :)

11:25 a.m.  
Blogger Lana said...

Just stop bye to say Hi
I love to crochet.

2:33 p.m.  
Blogger LinknKnits said...

I think the sweater you posted on Ebay is adorable! If I had a kid, I would consider buying it! Or if you would make one in a grown-up size... LOL

4:56 p.m.  
Blogger Vanessa said...

If there was a little one in my life I would snatch up your sweater in a heart beat. Unfortunately the smallest one in my family is 6 years old, so it would be a bit small on her I think.
I hope the Dr was able to help you with the Armpit Zit, and congratulations on being able to stay where you're at! With all of the work you've been putting into remodeling your home, you deserve it!

1:12 a.m.  
Blogger MilkMaid said...

That sweater is precious!!! The colors are so warm, great choice.

Michele didn't send me...I linked from a link from a link or something like that.

Good luck on your armpit, that sounds awfully painful.

4:13 a.m.  

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