Thursday, February 23, 2006


Alrighty then. I'm free. He's gone back to work. I can blog safely again. In secret. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband to death. But this blog is like my diary. Read by a couple hundred people a day. But still. I'ts not like I'm being mean about him. Much. It's just, ya know, a quick escape. Geez. It's not like I'm cheating on him, or anything.

He's fine, by the way. Just fine. The IV was out last week, and he went back to work for a half a day. But, due to his new job with a new regiment, they are making him use up some time off that he has accumulated. Since it would also give him time to recover a bit more, he took the end of last week and start of this week off. Which is great. I love when he is home. I really do. (We go shopping. I have a husband that LIKES to shop. He even went wedding dress shopping with my sister. Seriously. It makes all the girls jelous. I have one friend that wants to borrow him, just to go shopping with. ) So, now the cellulitis is gone. Hopefully for good.

In the meantime, I have another armpit zit. If you're new here, scroll down. I'm sure you will find mention of it. I swear, all I talk about now is my damn armpit zits. I should change the name of this blog. I wonder if that would bring less readers, or more? Mmmm. Whatever. So, it's not HUGE yet, but getting there. Since the last one went away by itself, I still have hope. But not much. And I don't want to go back to the walk-in clinic, where the doctor that doesn't say Goodbye before he leaves the room will look at everything except my pit and hand me a prescription. And I don't want to go back to the emercency room where the nurses and doctor all gave me Hell for wasting their time with a possible brain tumor. And I have an appointment with my actual doctor, but it's still a few weeks away and I have no idea what he would do, since I haven't even been to see him before. Sigh. I think for now I'm going to ignore it. Or at least as much as I can ignore a large red lump sticking out of my armpit and preventing me from putting my arm down by my side. I'm sure nobody will notice.

The headaches are gone, but my eye is still the wrong the color. I'm ignoring that, too. I think maybe my Dad was right all along. I guess I'm just so full of poop, my eyes are finally turning brown.

I've been painting. My hallways. There's still a ton of other things to do in this house, and I will probably have to repaint at some point. But I can't LOOK at this crappy paint anymore. It's not so much the color. It's the finish. The faux finish. Whoever lived here before us, could NOT leave the damn walls alone. Apparently, flat paint jobs are the DEVIL. Not to me. I like my walls to be all the same color. At least until the next room.
This is what the color in the hallway and stairway walls are now.

I don't mind the green. I kinda like it. Until she dragged it.

And not very well, either. It looks like crispy crap on a cracker. Now, it's going to be THIS color:

Number 115-2 Soft Cream by Pittsburgh Paints. I have one hall done. Now I am working on the stairways. If you hear a scream, that's me falling off a ladder. It's a VERY high stairwell.

But, as much as I am dying to see new colors in this house, it will still be a while for most rooms. The walls in the living room are awful. Whoever did the drywalling in need to use something slighty more abrasive that a cotton ball to sand the walls. Duh. I'll be re-mudding and sanding just about every wall in that room.

Also, I have no front closet in the living room. Well, ok, I do. But it looks like this.

I'm not sure that would bother me too much, since it's only been a few weeks. Except that I have precedent for being worried as to the possible finish date. My downstairs bathroom has looked like this for the last year:

I'm not kidding. I want my damn toilet back. We have pretty much all the supplies already. My darling husband just needs to GET THE WORK DONE.

Of course, if I get that new job I was mentioning before, I can probably do it without him. I still don't know about the job. They haven't called. I'm sure that's fine. It's only been a week. And they don't open till mid-april. So, I'm not worried. Much. It's a large chain of do-it-yourself stores with pretty aprons, if you catch my drift. And I was BORN to work there. I would rock that job so hard! But they have to call first. Oh GOD why haven't they called!? WHY?!

As for crochet, same as last post. Still working on a shrug. Why? I don't know. It's a shrug. Have you ever found an answer in a shrug?

Are ya'll still with me? Really? I was starting to put myself to sleep. But that's it. Sorry. I am really that boring. I would tell ya the weather update, but weather is for people who actually leave the house. Sorry. Not me. But I will be here more regular now. Yay. Right? Yay. Ok, I'm going visiting, now. Go visit my new tenant. Click on the thumbnail in the sidebar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tara, I know just what you're talking about - it's like the whole "A Room of One's Own" by Virginia Wolff. You gotta love the family but they don't need every iota of you life, sheesh!
Good luck with the job thing. I'm sure they'd be lucky to have someone that was able to communicate effectively and can actually DO home improvement. :)

12:42 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! We're reading each other's blog at the same time!!
Anyway, yes, it was my first eBay buy and I can see just how addicting it can be. While waiting for the handles to arrive, I'm also waiting to hear back on a bid I made for a dvd! I may never get out of this chair again!!

12:47 p.m.  
Blogger Lucy said...

Hi Tara...don't worry about boring anyone with your blog...I love to see what everyone is up to while I sit here with a bad head cold and Victor Vaporizer. Hey, I like the idea that you are using "Pittsburgh" Paints...see, I knew there was a reason I read your blog! Good Luck on the zit!

1:39 p.m.  
Blogger Vanessa said...

I like the shrug and am considering making it for a friend - curious to see it when you finish it, and I do beleive you will.

2:00 p.m.  
Blogger Kimberly said...

I can only shake my head and ask what I was thinking the day I gave my blog address to my family!!! I can say nothing about anyone now!

Have to love changing eye whole family will swear that I have brown eyes....the eye doctor though says that they are green...huh?

Good luck with the re-painting...if I hear you screaming all the way over here....'Houston we've got a problem'

6:15 a.m.  
Blogger kontan said...

We have to have something to keep us sane. For my husband, he will veg in front of the, I have my laptop...and my blogs. Yes, blogs. I have three. I don't think anyone realizes that it is me writing the third one. It is a different account and the place where I really VENT frustration. It's my psycho day blog. Feels good too.

Armpit zit...ouch. Hot cloth and change deo. Worked for me. Even if it is gone, mention it to the doc. Never know, he may have miracle cure...or at least a good explanation. Good luck.

ew. painting. We started redecorating Christmas break. Hubby fell off a ladder New Years. OMG that sucked. Still in recovery from broken and injured arms. BE CAREFUL!

I predict you WILL finish this crochet pattern. :) have a great weekend!

3:00 p.m.  

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