Thursday, May 11, 2006

Go, Deigo, GO!

Let me ask ya'll a question or two about imaginary friends.

Did you have one? More than one? What was his/her name? What did you do together? Are they still around?

Just to be fair, I'll start.

You know how if you close your eyes, and take your finger and gently push your eyeball on the inside corner, you see a part of a little orb just in the bottom outside corner of your vision. Well, your eyes-closed-vision. No? Humor me. Try it. Still don't see it? Well, whatever, I do.

Starting from when I was a baby until I was about 18, I had insomnia. It pretty much sucked hard. When I was a baby, it was ignored, because babies never sleep. When I was old enough to tell people that I couldn't get to sleep if a piano dropped on me, they didn't believe me. I would stay awake until about 2 or 3 am every night. When I was just a little kid. It was very boring.
For quite a few years, I pretended to be afraid of the dark. So I could have a nightlight. Which allowed me to read. Or paint. Or build things. Whatever kept me busy until I could pass out. Sneaky, eh?

On the occasions when I had no access to light, I had to use my imagination. In the dark. So, I would press the corner of my eye and see my little orb-shaped friend.
His name was Mr.Eye.

What? I was 5. Cut me some slack.

So, anyway.....Mr.Eye was my nighttime friend for many years. I would chat with him, tell him about my day. Then he would tell me all about his wife, Mrs. Eye, and the kids, of course.
He was always nice. Very complimentary. Always appreciative of my fingerpainting accomplishments.

Mr. Eye was a good friend indeed.

As any friend from you own imagination SHOULD be.

My youngest daughter has some imaginary friends. And I'm a little worried about them.

I'm not sure of all of their names. One of them she calls Diego (from the Dora the Explorer spin off,
Go Diego Go). And I'm OK with that. Or I would be. If they all got along.

But they don't.

They fight and argue constantly. Her 'friends' are often known to make fun of her. Make fun of her. And sometimes, she tells me that she's off to go play baseball with them, but then returns a few minutes later, all dejected looking, saying that they left without her.

Left without her?!?!

What the hell kind of imaginary friend leaves without you?????

And the comments she makes over her shoulder are often a little spooky:

"Stop talking, I can't hear what my Mom is saying."

"I told you that plan wouldn't work. We'll try again tomorrow."

"You guys, I want a spot on the couch, too."

"Diego, stop KICKING ME!"

So, here are my thoughts. Either she has an extremely vivid imagination and will write bestselling novels that will keep me living in luxury well into my dotage, OR she's riding on a slow moving one way bus to Looneyville and all of her multitude of personalities are fighting for a seat near the window, OR there are 'people' in this house that only she can see (and considering it's a 100 year old schoolhouse, a bunch of kids wouldn't be that farfetched).

I'm hoping for option A. But I'm not holding my breath.

I wonder if any of them can grout a bathtub.


Blogger noricum said...

Hmm... perhaps you should check in with a shrink just to make sure there isn't anything you need to worry about? It could be there's nothing wrong, but, then, you probably would have appreciated some help with your insomnia as a kid.

9:18 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tara, have you tried asking her any questions about the friends that she sees? Maybe a description of what they're wearing, for example? One of my co-workers has what she calls a "presence" in the basement of her home, which is an old Victorian built in the 1800s. One day, her daughter said something along the lines of someone being sad because the little girl died. My co-worker thinks that because of where the spirit is located (in the basement and always close to the floor) and because it never comes upstairs (although it has followed them up a few steps), that it's a child, quite possibly the son or daughter of a servant who worked in the house. She's never been able to question her daughter about what she sees, though, because other people have been around and she didn't want to freak them out.

She's planning on having the house blessed by the priest at their church, but I should make it clear that they've never EVER felt threatened in their house. Whatever this is, it's not out to hurt anyone.

If it were me, I'd try to get as much information about your daughter's imaginary friends as possible and then start researching the history of the building - just to see if anything fits.

1:30 p.m.  
Blogger Shelly said...

I had an imaginary friend named Jill and while Jill is not around any longer, I still think of her fondly! :o)

4:54 p.m.  
Blogger Robin said...

I also had insomnia until I was about 18, and never EVER would take a nap for my mother to save ANY of our lives! (Now I look back and wonder, who WAS that??) I don't think I had an imaginary FRIEND, but I WAS so bored and did used to do a lot of magical thinking. I used to love to pretend that I was camping or doing some sort of survival thing. When I realized my kids had the same problem I did, I told them that they could keep their lights on and read as late as it took for them to be sleepy. It has worked incredibly well now for the past 5 years (in case THIS happens to you, too!) Oh yeah, I used to love doing the eyeball thing, too. :)

8:22 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess a question would be does your daughter know that they are imaginary friends? Or is she convinced they really do exist?
I never had any imaginary friends (I'm too much of a realist) and neither did my kids so I can't speak from experience.

8:11 p.m.  
Blogger Daughter In Law said...

Maybe she secretly covets an annoying younger brother. Do any of her real life friends have little brothers?

7:47 p.m.  
Blogger nukkingphutz said...

Oh my god... I laughed so hard reading that, that now I'm seeing spots and my 3 year old is wondering why I'm crying!!! *lol*

Don't feel bad, though... my (now) 9 year old's imaginary friends burned the house down (when she was 5). I would have been content with arguing!

7:47 a.m.  

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