Friday, July 21, 2006


I'm stumped.

I am working on a project that requires a large spurt of creativity. Not usually a big problem, but right now it is. A little problem, anyway. I am supposed to get ready 12 sketchs for some new crochet designs, for the possibility of using them in a publication. I was asked to do 12, but I am stuck at 4. I know there are more in me, but I've been so stressed lately with hubby gone and money being tight and an upcoming 3 week road trip with my kids, who can't seem to to bickering for all of 30 whole damn seconds. When am I supposed to be creative?

When I was younger and I had a need to boost the creative juice levels, usually to finish an art project or write a brilliant paper on a boring topic, I would generally resort to whisky or coffee. I don't have any whisky now, and even if I did my neck still remembers the last time I got 'creative' and danced all night. And overdosing on coffee at the 24 hour truck stop with bottomless cups was fine in my early twenties, when it didn't really matter if I stayed up all night with an odd buzzing sound inside my head.

I wonder if ice cream will help me now? I suspect I will just stay up really late until my brain enters that not quite awake but much more uninhibited state and then stay up another 3 or 4 hours getting a few more sketches done.

I hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that chocolate cures all ills. I sure hope you have a breakthrough!

6:52 p.m.  
Blogger Unknown said...

Awwww... Take a look at my brownie Sundae... That should get your creative juices flowing...LOL Good Luck!!

11:30 p.m.  
Blogger carmilevy said...

I often walk away - literally - from the task at hand. A bit of distance gives me the perspective I need to return to the work later on and slam through it.

Sometimes, it's as simple as a walk through the neighborhood, or a half-hour spent reading the paper or watching a Simpsons episode.

I'm weird that way, but facing deadlines while writing alone at home during the day often calls for weird solutions.

Similarly, is this something you can post to your blog - pics/scans/descriptions - for feedback from your readers?

3:30 p.m.  

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