Friday, September 08, 2006

I think I accidentally got a job last night.

I was going to the grocery store to find water. Water. Because this STUPID town has no 4 liter jugs of cheap water left of the shelves. Yes. The whole STUPID town. I tried Walmart. And Shopper's Drug Mart. And the Grocery Store Mafia store. All out.

There are 3 main grocery stores in this area. And they are all owned by the same family. And they are what we refer to as the Grocery Store Mafia. Because they set the standards for grocery stores in this town. And the standards ain't high.

There is no selection. They constantly run out of things and take forever to restock. Basic things. Like Bread. Or Cheese. Or WATER.

And their carts don't have cupholders for my coffee. The bastards.

Anyway.......I was going to one of the mafia chain links and I saw a help wanted sign in the Dollarama. Not that working in a dollar store has been a dream of mine, but I was curious as to what kind of hours they need somebody for. So I asked for the manager.

I told him that I am basically free a few nights a week and the odd weekend. And maybe sometimes during the day, if he gives me enough notice. What? Did I say that? Is that how you get a job? By walking up to the hirer and stating what you will work?

Apparently. He wants me to bring in a resume tonight so he can interview me. Huh. Not that I actually HAVE the job yet. And I won't cry if I don't get it. But if I can get an interview by walking in looking like I spent all day in jammies and only threw on clothes to go to the store to buy water (which I did), then I should be able to FLY through the interview when I actually have real clothes and makeup on. Right?

Whatever. I wonder if they give discounts to staff?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck.


8:05 a.m.  
Blogger Kare said...

You'll get it!

11:18 a.m.  
Blogger *Crochet Mom* said...

whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa....hold on..*lmao*
when we lived there there was THE FOODLINER (Which you could see from my upstairs spare bedroom window or the bathroom), The one in the pembroke mall (IGA? drawing a blank here but it was the most expensive!) and the one across from blockbuster (i forget the name of that mall)...
Did the foodliner CLOSE?! Paul said something about it might have turned into FOOD BASIC (he isnt too sure)..
what's going on???? LOL...
((nothing like me holding onto the past eh? LMAO))

9:20 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! It can happen. I once got a job by saying I could work mornings. Good luck! There's was the funniest commercial here where a guy is asking the clerk at the dollar store prices on various items. How many ways can you say, "One dollar." It was a scream!

9:37 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...good luck! Part-time jobs are fantastic as long as they can work around your schedule. You work when you have free time, and you have extra money. Think of all the yarn you'll be able to buy when you get your paycheques!

10:08 p.m.  
Blogger noricum said...

Hmmm.... don't get too fancy... you may look "overqualified"! ;)

7:40 p.m.  

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