Tuesday, October 17, 2006

IHHCC ~ The Abridged Meeting

I'm typing as fast I can. I woke up 15 minutes late. Which gives me 15 minutes less to get Little Brat ready for kindergarten and 15 minutes less to yell at Big Brat to hurry up. And if that's late, then I have 15 minutes less to shower and smell pretty before work. And, folks, my hair NEEDS that extra 15 minutes. And that gives me 15 minutes less to drink coffee and ramble on this here blog. So, sorry about the following typos. No time for spell check.

I will leave my fellow I Hate Horatio Caine Club members with a few points from last night's episode of CSI:Miami that you may want to discuss.

~ The standing of H in front of the big stained glass window, like he is some avenging angel, out to punish all of the obviously evil and corrupt judges of Miami.

~ The way that ALL of the crimes tied together......again. How do they keep doing that? In MIAMI? It's a big city, isn't it?

~ How NOBODY even once wore a bio suit, even though they mentioned them and the words biohazard, bloater, and 'popping the body'.

~H's ability to save anyone, ANYONE, from trouble. Just what has he done to earn so many favors? Hmmmm?

I would have stayed up last night to start the meeting, but I had to run errands for my alleged husband, who, due to reasons undiscussible, cannot FETCH his own damn things (annoying, but necessary, and I suppose I won't bitch about it since he's all about saving the world and all). At 9 pm. When Heroes was on. And I NEED to watch Heroes. So I had to watch it at 10 pm. Which pushed H back to 11 pm. And I was too tired to type last night.

All right. Your turns. Discuss. And stay out of my liquor cabinet.


Blogger Kare said...

you have a liquor cabinet?

5:14 p.m.  
Blogger Lana said...

Thank You for renting to me this week.

5:53 p.m.  

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