Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Ok, settle down people. Take your seats. You there, put down that pizza. The meeting is starting now.

So...this week's meeting of the I Hate Horatio Caine Club has now come to order. Kawano , you were the last to join, so I hope you brought the beer. And if any of the new members did NOT throw random objects at your TV screen during last night's episode of CSI:Miami, please slink out the back door now. Thanks.

Ok. New club business. There is a new blog sidebar button available. Pick one up on your way out. Careful of the pin on the back, it's a little tricky. And may contain lead. Sorry 'bout that.

Let's now discuss why we hate Horatio Caine this week. Super Horatio's part in last night's episode was mercifully scarce, but he still managed to tick me off. How? By using another character's name FAR too many times to make a point. For example, if 'H' were speaking to me, he may say something like:

"Tara. Here's what we are going to do, Tara. Tara, I want you to cut me to shreds on your blog. Tara, can you do that, Tara? Tara, I need you to do that for me. Tara. Don't worry, Tara, nobody will ever, Tara, hurt you again, Tara. Tara. Here's my card, Tara. Tara, you call me, Tara, whenever, you, Tara, need me. Tara."


Now. I KNOW that this week's meeting started a little late. I'm sorry. I can only blame Horatio Caine for making my day really busy and frustrating. I am also blaming him for:

~ waking up with a migraine
~ my clothes not getting dry in the dryer
~ the big scary spider behind my cash at work trying to eat me alive when I had a lineup of customers.
~ the mean lady at Walmart that acted all snippy, as if it was MY fault she is 95 and working at Walmart (we know who to blame)
~ bad drivers
~ bad kids
~ bad milk in my fridge
~ bad milk in ANYONE'S fridge
~ cold weather
~ North Korea

Please submit your list of things you blame Horatio Caine for when you grab your sidebar button.

Next week, we will be reviewing ways in which Horatio Caine could perish. Oh. OH, the ways he could perish.

Thanks for coming, and take your empty beer bottles to the kitchen on your way out.

Button ------->
(Just take one, leave enough for next week's new members, you greedy, greedy pig. Are you the one that ate all the cheesies, too?)


Blogger Unknown said...

Ooh, ooh, do I get to go first?

I'd like to blame Horatio Caine for
- my knee getting screwed up (because a broken ankle wasn't enough)
- people who think I have time to make up puzzles for them, to fit their specifications
- orthopedic surgeons who are jerks
- men who are jerks
- jerks in general
- people who tell you your 3 doctors appointments are the wrong day
- medication that has to be self-injected every day for FOREVER
- and last but not least, doctors who decide to do 14 tubes of bloodwork on an 85 lb person

Whew did I need that. Yeowch! Those pins are tricky...

11:48 p.m.  
Blogger Awesome Mom said...

I managed to miss CSI: Miami on Monday but I still blame Horation Caine for my trouble sleeping last night. I know that somehow he had something to do with it.

12:12 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Night shifts! I blame him for night shifts! I'm not a member (yet) but it's definitely his fault that I work nights this week.
Why doesn't he ever work nights, like the rest of the CSI people? I also blame him for my lack of humour on night shifts.

6:30 a.m.  
Blogger .:Cris:. said...

Ok, so I don't have anything to blame on Horatio Caine except the aggravated tendonitis in my right hand.

Are they really going to kill Wolfe off?!?

And my hubby makes a motion that we add the former soap star turned mole turned CSI agent to the list. I told him it would totally screw with Tara's whole mission but I agree with him. She stinks too.

7:39 a.m.  
Blogger Tara said...

Cris, I was planning a whole meetinga bout her, too, lol. She's like the worst actress EVER. After Horatio, of course.

7:41 a.m.  
Blogger Lucy said...

Who is Horatio Caine and why are we supposed to hate him?

9:49 a.m.  
Blogger Tammy said...

Here is my list:
-the stitch I dropped in the cardigan I'm knitting and didn't find until about 9 rows later
-the silverfish I saw in the basement this morning
-bad hair days everywhere!
-the cold rainy day
-the hair ball the cat coughed up on the carpet while the show was on (seems Kitty has the same idea about him)

I am grateful that his role was limited this week - but seriously, couldn't they get someone who is drop dead gorgeous and less irritating?

11:24 a.m.  
Blogger MommaMonkey said...

I blame H for the following:

- Warped rotors in my new car
- My baby not mustering up enough courage to walk on his own.
- People who walk in the dark on a 4 lane road with dark clothing.
-ants that think my kitchen is their home
-prediction of snow for tomorrow.
-Cancelled/postponed meetings for work.
- dog hair on my floor
- migraines and hormones and PMS

I could keep going on, but I'll save some for later.

11:36 a.m.  
Blogger Desperate Housewife said...

Son of a bitch! So HE'S why I got a flat tire and have to fork out $75 for a new tire/rim thingey! Bastard!

11:53 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gotta love Lucy! She's too nice to be in the IHHCC!!

Anyway, H is to blame for:
- my daughter staying home sick today from school.
- the stain on my son's shirt sleeve.
- the fact that said son wants the stain removed before school. Sheesh!

1:15 p.m.  
Blogger Michelle424 said...

Sorry, it was me that ate the cheesies. I'll bring more next week...and beer.

11:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Horatio, one of my favorite shows~~~~

11:12 a.m.  
Blogger Tara said...

Horatio???? Is that you leaving anonymous comments???

4:19 p.m.  

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