Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NaBloPoMo Post 22

I have bought myself a new tool in the fight against dirt, dust and animal hair. A late birthday present.

I try. I really do try. But, the animal hair is what gets me in the end. It's everywhere. In large clumps and piles. No corner is safe. The carpets are the wrong color most days. I find it on my wall, even. The WALL.

But, now I have an upper hand. I'm smart. No. GENIUS. I stopped to think about why I can never catch up. It's not like they are hiding around the corner and pulling out tufts of hair as soon as I clean, are they?

Are they?

No. No. It's time. It's all about time. When there is only so much time to clean a room, we focus on the big things. The obvious things. The toys all over the floor. The dirty dishes. The school bags and army crap and flyers strewn about. That way, when time is up, and we need to go do something else, at least things are put away.

We don't vacuum first. How can we, what with all the crap strewn about. And that would involve going to the cleaning closet, and taking out the vacuum and finding an outlet to plug it in and unravel the cord and then vacuum and then re-wrap the cord and and empty out the container of dirt (outdoors, it's very messy) then put it away.

So, the next time there is time to clean, the items have been re-strewn and there is only time to pick them up.

Somebody tell me....when the hell am I supposed to find time to vacuum the whole damn house.

But NOW I have another weapon in the fight. It's the Bissell Sturdy Sweeper. A mechanical broom. You know the kind. It has a brush and some compartments for holding dirt. Just push it back and forth. No cords. No bags. No filters. Just push it back and forth.

Does it pick up everything? No. But some is better than none.


I woke up this morning to find Little Brat playing with my new toy....I mean tool. And she's been kicking dog and cat hair ass ever since!

Do I feel bad for the dog and cat that now have to run from the little terror with a sweeper? That depends. Do you think they feel bad for me, having to clean up their hair?

*Just a side note for any of you following the continuing saga of the ghosts in my house. You may notice the orb of light on the handle of the sweeper. Now, some of you skeptics (You know who you are, all you science types) may say it's just dust, like you did the last time. And it probably is. I'll agree with that. But, the "dust" only shows up on the camera in that specific area of that specific room of the house. And it's also only inches from where I saw a ghost. But, that's just a side note.


Blogger aj said...

Must. Have. One. Of. Those.

My dog? Yea, sometimes we could make a whole OTHER dog from the hair and fur on the floor.

11:51 a.m.  
Blogger Marvie said...

Heh, yeah, with three cats in the house I'm on constant buffalope alert (that would be a mutated form of dustbunny btw) and find them every freakin' where!

As to the ghost... that's awful small there in that picture. Could be fairies rather than ghosts maybe? Do you have things go mising much? Fairies like shiny stuffs... and ID cards (dunno why, it's not like they shop on base or anything!)

12:12 p.m.  
Blogger Red Rocket said...

Love the new tool. Now, if you could just the ghostie to push that sweeper around in it's spare time, you'd be set.

5:01 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have three cats, so I totally understand the hair problem. But, I've also found a fantastic new tool in the fight against shedding.

It's actually sold in the Sears a little "As seen on TV" insert. I HIGHLY recommend it. Only thing is, you have to use it faithfully in order for it to be effective. And you have to be careful you don't hurt your pet. Go gently.

As for the orb of light thing. STOP IT! LOL! That stuff freaks me out!

7:37 p.m.  

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