Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Spider Chronicles

I promise, after this time, I will never ever speak of spiders again. Well, unless it's something really scary, like that time that I saw a spider on my husband's pillow, and it was about to crawl into his mouth....I didn't sleep well that night.
But, I have finally finished bringing up crap from the basement. I still have pricing to do, but at least I don't have to go back down there. Now it will be up to hubby to organize all of his tools and whatnots. I know everybody thinks I exagerate how many spiders there are, so I took pictures. Well, I took pictures of the ones that were not too fast, anyway. So really, there were quite a few more. I apologize to Marla, who requested no more spider pictures, but I swear, these are the last ones. Ok, Marla, close your eyes now:

Now, for some very important advise. Pay attention, you'll want to know this. Rule number one for cleaning out a scary basement: Do not, ever, not for any reason, especially if you feel cobwebs on your face, look up. For the love of God, do NOT LOOK UP. You really don't want to know what's up there. Trust me. That's all I can say on that now.
I'm going to take a shower.

Show and Tell

I have nothing, nothing at all, crochet related to discuss. So, I'll show off a few random pictures!
First is the horrific and evil place called my basement. Honestly, this yard sale pricing would be taking a lot longer if it were not for the helpful little (HUGE!) spiders handing me things as I go. And one of them that I saw....I don't know, but I'm not sure it was, ya know, of this earth. It only had 4 legs and the body looked like that of a toad. But they were not toad legs, they were spider legs. And I think it winked at me. But really, can we cut it with the spiders now? I can't handle anymore. Anyway, back to the basement. Remember the picture I showed before? Let's call that the "before" shot. Not that it makes much difference...

...since the after looks just like it! Ack! I am so screwed. My house is a freakin' disaster and we have company coming to stay over on friday night! Hubby is doing the fireworks show for our city, and it's his 1st show, so some of the inlaws are driving in to see it. And this is my living room until Saturday morning:

If you see anything you want, just let me know, I'll put it aside and you can come and get it on Saturday.
Now on to more pleasant four-legged babies. Well, not so baby anymore. We already knew the dog was huge, but we thought the cat was about normal sized (it's out first cat ever). The vet just told me last week that he is a "bruiser." In other words, she said in the people world, he would be the equivilant of a linebacker. Now hubby is all proud cuz he has a big tough kitty.

Yes, they have ryhming names, and their colors match, too! And we didn't even plan it that way. We had Duke for about 4 years when we saw Spook in the pet store (he's from the SPCA, though, we only save animals who need homes). We don't even like cats, but we loved him as soon as we saw him. It was odd, like he somehow brainwashed us (can cats do that?). Anyway, now we are ever so stylish with our color coordinated pets.
And last, but for sure the cutest, is my little nephew.

I don't get to see him much, they live in another province, but OH MY GOD he is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Um. Besides my own kids, of course.
Ok, I have stalled long enough. I just fisished my last drop of coffee. I have to go back in the basement now. Ok, I'm going.....yup....on my way.... Off to the basement....That's what I'm doing. Ok.....If you don't hear from me in a few days, call 911.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Not that I'm counting...

According to my site meter:
Thu, June 23, 2005 8 Visitors
Fri, June 24, 2005 5 Visitors
Sat, June 25, 2005 7 Visitors
Sun, June 26, 2005 3 Visitors
Mon, June 27, 2005 8 Visitors
Tue, June 28, 2005 9 Visitors
Wed, June 29, 2005 172 Visitors
Did everyone's cable go out today, leaving you with nothing to do?
I feel loved today! Not that my self worth depends on how many people visit my blog. It isn't. I swear......Comments, however.....

On the run....

Not much time to blog this morning. I had to drive hubby into work today so I could do my running around. I've already had my coffee (mmm....I love you, Tim Horton, and your Timbits,, that sounds dirty, I should probably detete this line....oh,nevermind). My corn on the cob plastic bag holder sold for a big whoppin' $7.39 CAD (that's $6.00 USD). Not exactly a fortune, but more than I expected. Heck, I was surprised it sold at all. And, I got 3 emails from people wanting me to list another one. We'll see.
Also, my latest sweater...the one I keep saying I will show off and never do (I'm such a tease)....Ok, here it is. Keep in mind that I have not hidden the ends yet, and there are a LOT.

It was actually going to be a jack-o-lantern (which I will still make) but at the last minute, I looked at the colors I had and thought "Oooh, flames!" So, I made flames.
You'll have to excuse the disgruntled look on my model.....mean old Mommy made her miss 30 seconds of Dora the Explorer to take these pictures. Heavens to Betsy.
It's also the last day of school for my oldest today, so I will finally have her home full time to do all of my cleaning for me.....what, isn't that why we have kids? That's what my mom told me, anyway.
Ok, must toddle off to do my errands (I will not buy yarn, I will not buy yarn, I will not......ooooh, is that a new color?).

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

While having my morning coffee and blogstalk this morning, I came across Autumn Sway. I am now totally envious. There is a picture of her stash...

My yarn fantasy:

My yarn reality:

...I didn't know yarn stashes could look that way.

Oh, and check out the spider that was on my ceiling today.

Ack! They are taking over!

Please don't make me go to work tonight!

Seriously. I can't take anymore. I have sooo much pricing still to do for the yard sale on Saturday. It's super duper hot here and all of the customers are crazy. They are either cranky from the heat, or shopping for hours just to hog up all the air conditioning. And they can't just walk around. No. They have to touch everything. Take all the shoes off the racks. Unfold all of the towels. Try on every single article of clothing. Open the shampoo bottles to sniff. I mean, really, people. Manners? Yes, my entire job is watching for shopliftings brats and cleaning up after slobby shoppers, but there is a limit. Oh, and you young girls in skirts walking around the store carrying thongs....we are so on to you. We know you are going behind that shelf and putting them on. Duh. And you parents that let your brats loose in the store......tell them to stop bouncing the damn basketball! Pay attention! #1... are you buying them that ball? Cuz I think bouncing it for an hour wears it out just a bit. #2 It is sooooo annoying! #3 Do you let them bounce a ball in your house? Cuz I bet we have more glasses and lamps and vases to break here than your house does! Speaking of brats....if they are having a tantrum, don't just stand there telling them to "shush"! How effective is that? Ya'll need to watch the Supernanny. But get them out of my toy department, first.
And, as if the customers didn't make work enough of a drag, I have THESE in my section:

Yes, that IS a flashing cow. We got a shipment of about a BILLION of them sometime in May. We still have hundreds left. They are sound activated. All you have to do is walk by and clap or speak loudly or whatever. First, it moos very loudly. Then, it has one last long moooooooo that increases in volume. Then it starts laughing hysterically. Finally, it's arms open wide to reveal the vibrating udder, all the while yodeling as loud as a little cow in a trenchcoat can. And do the customers just pass by without seeing what it does? What do you think?
I need a vacation. And more coffee.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Crochet Related News and Updates

  • Voting for the Stitch Diva Flower contest is on. It's a tough choice, but VOTE and Receive 10% Off Your Next Order!
  • I am finally breaking down and bidding on a yarn cutter on Ebay. I know, I could get it cheaper, but there are none available in the small town where I live. I also plan to be on a plane sometime this summer and since we can't bring scissors anymore, these pendants are great. Wish me luck (and don't outbid me).
  • I am ~~~>this close<~~~ to finishing my latest sweater (I will post a picture when it is done). I am so swamped with this @#$! yard sale that I am not getting it done nearly as fast as I would like. All finished sweaters will be listed in my Ebay Store in the 1st week of July.
  • Someone bid on my corn on the cob plastic bag dispenser! Yay! If you wanna bid, there's less than a day till the auction ends!
  • I just joined 2 crochet forums, Crochet Me and Crochetville....just cuz we crocheting folk are so much darn fun!
  • Cute free crochet pattern of the moment: Add-a-Square Skirt This is so adorable, I need to make one for my little girl. Well, maybe I will change the colors a bit.

There is a spider under my desk....

I swear to God, it's the size of a dinner plate. Ok, maybe a bit smaller, but not much. It was climbing on the wall behind my desk while I was checking my emails. I yelled "spider!" so that my husband could come and save me. I mean, really, why else get married if they won't kill spiders and open jars? So, whenever I see a spider, I yell "spider!" at which point (without fail) he thinks I yelled "fire!" and runs towards me saying "where?! where?!". Ok, that part is funny. You'd think he'd learn.
The only times in the past that has has failed to kill spiders for me has been when he is in the Afghanistan desert and the spiders there are the size of his head. In that case, I simply put a cup over the spider I see and wait for him to come home and kill it....about 6 months later. I can forgive that situation.
This morning, however, my hero has deserted me. After he realized my office was not in flames, he sent me to get the spider killing weapon....toilet paper. By the time I got back, the beast had crawled behind my desk. So, did my "hero" move the desk in order to kill it? Did he even reach behind? No...he just says "Sorry Babe, gotta go to work. Sorry about the spider." Sorry about the spider? Is he kidding? I can't even put my feet on the floor right now, since I have no idea where it is! I can't type more than 3 letters without looking on the wall to see if it is sitting there eyeballing me. "hero". I'm so not making dinner tonight.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Yard Sale Woes

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE yard sales.....other peoples' yard sale. My yardsale is turning into a nightmare. It is supposed to be a week from tomorrow. I shouldn't even have this much crap to get rid of. I swear it all breeds down there in the basement. We are a military family. Since getting together with my husband (1999), we have moved 4 times. I know, we got off lucky compared to some military families. The point is, we get rid of GOBS of junk almost everytime we move. We have only been in this house now for a year and a half. I have a theory, though. You know how if you carry a purse, it's always full, no matter the size? And even if you go to clean it out, you decide that really need all that stuff in there, so it doesn't really free up any space. But, if you carry a smaller purse, you need less. Or, better yet, take out your bank card, credit card and driver's liscence and stuff them in your back pocket. All of a sudden, you never needed all that stuff in your purse at all. I think it is the same with basements. First we had an apartment, with no storage, so we didn't have too much. Then we moved to a PMQ (sometimes called "Q's," private married quarters, for those not familiar with all of the army lingo) that had a basement. We were there about a year and 3 quarters before getting posted. The basement was STUFFED. It took us a week to go through it all. We didn't have time for a yard sale before our move, so we turned into our garbage picker-upper's (what's the PC term now?) worst nightmare. We did our best to donate what we could, but would you believe a few charites (I won't name names, but they are big) refused our things. They wouldn't take the books because they were printed before 2000, for heaven's sake. Since when did charities get to be picky? We found a local group that was willing to take most of it, though. It was nice getting rid of so much junk.
Our next Q did not have a basement. It had one of those cool attics, where you pull down the ladder and walk up into the ceiling. I know, that's so hick of me to think that's cool, but I grew up out west where there isn't a lot of old houses. Attics there mean little holes cut in the ceiling that nobody ever opens unless the roof leaks. So, by the time we left that house, after about 14 months, there wasn't too much to get rid of. We just repacked everything from the last move and came here.
I love my new house. It's really very nifty (yes, I say nifty in real life, too). It's a hundred year old schoolhouse that has had it's interior transformed a few times. I'll show pics someday, but here is the outside, anway.

So, we have this great big basement. It dark and gloomy and all the walls are made of big rocks. A previous owner spraypainted "The Cave" on one of the walls. This is the Ottawa Valley, too, so it's always damp. And that's where all the crap went to live. And grow. And grow and grow. So, it's yard sale time.
I have been watching the show
Clean Sweep for a few years. It's been very inspiring, in a slow-to-react kind of way. I am trying to organize my pricing in a similar way, but without taking everything in my basement out onto the lawn. I have started by bringing up a box, bag or pile of crap at a time. It either gets thrown out, priced, or put away somewhere. It is not going back into the basement until everything is cleaned out. This is what is priced so far:

Not bad, eh? It has all of my oldest's Barbies, old Christmas lights, stuffed animals, books and clothes...etc etc. I, too, would think it was a great start, if I didn't see this everytime I looked down the stairs:

And don't forget this:

So, I have a lot of pricing to do. And I am on my own with it, apparently. My husband wants nothing to do with the pricing or selling. I think he's scared he will sell something too low and I will yell at him. I don't yell. I work all weekend, too, so there will be some late nights (when, oh, when will I find time to crochet???). In the end, some stuff may just get thrown out on the lawn without a tag. Make me an offer. Please, take my junk!
Here are a few great yardsaler sites for sellers and hunters:

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

My Crochet Story....Caution, Long & Boring

Once upon a time, long long looooong ago.....ok, fine, I'm not that old, I just feel that way. Actually, my crochet story did begin a long time ago with....who else? grandmother (or Granny, as we called her). I can't remember ever seeing her crochet, but I have fond memories of the results. She was also a pretty decent knitter, too. My favorite gift from her was a navy blue zip up sweater with a kitten on it, one for each of us. Since we are triplets, and everyone gave us 3 of the same thing all the time, we thought it was sooooo cool that she gave each kitten a different colored ribbon around it's neck. I seem to recall the zipper always getting stuck, too. Sigh. I wish I still had that sweater.
But, I digress. My mom also crocheted when I was growing up. She once made these beautiful lacy dresses for each of us. Then she bought a sewing machine and I didn't see anything crocheted for years. But, everytime she tried to quit smoking, a new afghan appeared in the house. Oh, the afghans. They spilled out of the closets. They were mostly done in the chevron style. I think I still have a few somewhere.
I think I was about 19 or so when I had my 1st crochet lesson. I was a newly single mom, and I was...big surprise....trying to quit smoking. My sister tried teaching me a few things. I say "tried", because she really had no idea what she was doing. I think we were able to come up with a sloppy chain, and then 1 or 2 rows of not-quite-right single crochets. That was that. I didn't pick up a hook for a few years.
I realized one day that I had a box full of crochet patterns, yarn and hooks leftover from my Granny. I'm not sure why I had them, but my family likes to move around a lot in the same city (good exercise, I suppose) and we always seemed to end up with each other's boxes. I opened up one of the pattern binders and.....well, I didn't look twice. It was a foriegn language! There was no WAY I could read those patterns! But, I was trying to quit smoking....again....and I decided to give crocheting another try. I started to make an afghan just making it up as I went. I really still had no idea what I was doing, but it wasn't too bad. At first, it worked great. I had to concentrate on what I was doing, so I couldn't smoke at the same time. But, like all great addicts, I eventually adapted so that I could actually crochet with a smoke in my hand. Sure, a few ashes got on my work, but no big deal. When I finally realized that it wasn't helping me quit, I gave up.
I worked on a few more projects over the years. Mostly baby blankets. I have discovered that I am NOT an afghan maker. I have no patience for it. I have never once finished on.
Besides, by this point I was married to a soldier who was in Afghanistan and we had a new baby, so all I really wanted to crochet was camoflauge baby blankets for every new army mom I knew. I was quitting smoking again. Notice that I don't say "trying" this time? I was really quitting. I was up to 2 packs a day. My health was not good. I had to suck on a cough drop just to have a smoke. I could feel my chest rattle when I breathed. I was only 26. Then, my husband in Afghanistan called to tell me that he had run over a landmine. He was fine, but I think I smoked another extra pack that day (I think he did, too). I was driving down the road the next day with my kids, coughing and hacking and turning red, and I thought "Oh my God, my husband is going to get killed over there, and I won't live past 35 at this rate. The kids will be orphans and it will be all my fault." So, I pulled the car into the 1st grocery store I saw, bought the patch and slapped it on. I never had another smoke. That was 3 years ago this month.
From then on, crocheting was just for fun. Shortly after hubby returned home, we were packed up and moved across the country. Oh, the joys of army life. I found myself living on a training base. Nobody wants to be friends with anyone else there, because they know they won't be there long. Horrible, horrible attitudes. I was always hiding at home. So, I busied myself crocheting.....more baby blankets. One night, on a whim, I thought it might be exciting (our ideas of excitement were pretty low at that point) to try and ....get this...crochet something besides a square! Whooooo! That's scary, huh? I figured it was about darn time I learned how to read a pattern. I took out Granny's old pattern binders, and started staring at patterns. I just kept looking at them till they sorta made sense. Then I grabbed a hook and started playing. It was GREAT! I was actually decoding the secret crochet language!
Ok, now fast forward another base, new house, etc, etc. Hubby has gone BACK to Afghanistan. My oldest (10 at the time) had gone to visit her Granny for the summer. I am left alone with a 2 year old, a dog and a new cat (1st time cat owner). Now, I like to think that I am a fairly sane and rational person. I don't walk downtown wearing my clothes backwards and speaking to all the bricks in the buildings like they were long lost friends. But, when I worry a bit, I get a bit crazy. When I worry a lot, I get a lot crazy. My mind likes to make up completely irrational things to worry about. The 1st Afghanistan tour, I was convinced the house was haunted. This time, though, was really crazy. I knew, KNEW, my house was going to fall down. Everytime a truck drove by and shook the house, I was convinced it would crumble down around us, killing us all. Actually, I figured I would be spared, just so I would have to live with the guilt of not having moved into a motel when we still could. I would spend entire nights laying awake in fear that the house would fall before morning.
I had enough! I refused to live like that another second. I needed an outlet. Enter crochet hooks. That was also right about the time that the 1st ponchos started showing up in stores. I decided to make a poncho for my oldest. I didn't even bother with a pattern, since I could just use my trusty squares to make it. It turned out OK. I improved the design a bit, then made one for myself. Then one for my youngest. And one for my neice....and so on. Soon, I had more ponchos that I knew what to do with. I had already been Ebaying for about a year, so just for fun I listed a few ponchos. I couldn't beleive it. They sold for HUGE amounts of money. I thought these people were nuts for spending that much. I mean really, no poncho cost me more that a few bucks to make, and I could throw them together so fast. So, I kept going....and going and going and going. I made ponchos till nobody wanted to buy ponchos anymore. Then I came up with a design for toddler halter tops. More gobs of money on those. Now, nobody wants halters, so I am working on sweaters. Basically, I am a bandwagon whore. If it's in style, I will create it.
So, in short, this is my job now. I still work outside the house part-time (just to see the light of day once in while) and I do a bit of freelance with graphic design, but my main income comes from crocheting. No, I don't make a fortune. But, I LOVE it! I am finally making money off of my art. It feels great. I get new ideas on a daily basis. I just wish I had more arms.
But, enough about me....ok, so, it's ALL about me. So sue me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

If I find one more spider in my house, I'm gonna frickin' move! Ok, that was my small opening rant...I feel better now.
I spent half the day cleaning and cooking, half of it chasing after a toddler, a pre-teen, a cat and a dog, and the other half crocheting......3 halfs? Hmmmm? Well, I AM a mom, after all. We can do anything. Especially when we delegate.
I didn't finish my "flash of brilliance" project, but I got about half done. I still really like it, so that's a good sign. Sometimes my great inspirations are better off staying inside my sleep deprived mind. I have been known to hate an idea halfway through creating it. I know I said I would post a progress pic (and I will, relax), but I don't want to show off the whole thing until it's finished. So, here's a sneak peak:

Stay tuned!
I had a brilliant inspiration this morning on my way to Walmart (it has nothing to do with Walmart, though). I am working on it now, in between doing the dishes, laundry and making dinner... I'll try and post a pic of my WIP later on today. I really should be working on the custom order I have to send out by Friday, but brilliance comes first......

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Caution..this is very corny...

Get it? Corny? It's a corn on the cob plastic grocery bag dispenser. I have no idea why I made it. Ok, I have a small idea. I think I am rebelling against more sweater pattern writing. I really don't like patterns much, they seem so rigid. Besides, I am already months ahead of myself for my fall clothing offerings on Ebay. I should be ready to list a few items next week, and it IS only the 1st day of summer (happy 1st day of summer everyone!). I think I will write up the pattern for this and offer it here soon. It's pretty easy, or at least I thought so. But, in the meantime, if you need to have a corn on the cob plastic bag dispenser, I am offering it for auction on Ebay. I personally love it and would use it daily, but I think my husband would divorce me if I tried hanging it in the new pantry he just built me. Especially since the pretty new pantry door is a french door and everyone would see it. Maybe my mother-in-law would like one....hmmm. Anyway, stay tuned, I will offer the pattern soon, as soon as I get a chance to sit down and type it out. I think it can easily be adapted to create other things, if you want to be creative with it (ie. dog sweater, baby's halloween costume, oven mitts, etc).

Monday, June 20, 2005

Introducing...the NEW ME!

Ok, so I wanted to play a bit. I am always crocheting for other people, or with the intention of selling it. I have not crocheted for fun in a long time. And, I felt like getting a
What happens when we crochet too much...
TADA!!! 'Aint I cute?

A pullover in progress...

Here's the latest sweater/pullover I have been working on. I only have the loose ends to hide still. I know, it's a bit boxy, but you should see what my 1st sweater looked like. It was literally 4 rectangles sewn together. I have made 2 others between the 1st one and this striped one. The 2nd was better, as I made a v-neck and tapered the sleeves a bit. The 3rd pullover has a little daisy crocheted into it on the front, and the neck drops a bit in the back, as well as the tapered sleeves. With this one, I have also decreased in a bit on the body part where the sleeves are attached. My NEXT pullover (started last night) will have the sleeves rounded at the top (I know that style has a name, but I have no idea what it is).

It seems like a lot of repeating myself to come up with a pullover pattern I like, but I want to get it right. No, I want to get it perfect. In fact, I want to be able to crochet a pullover while sleeping. I plan to offer them in my ebay store once I have a few more made. Once I have my pullover pattern complete, I will be adjusting it to make other sizes. I will also be altering it to make some cardigans. No 2 items will ever be the same, though. If anyone wants to be informed when they are available in my Ebay store, just add me to your favorite sellers list and choose the Boutique Crochet newsletter (you need to be an Ebay member if you are not already).
I have also been working on a few more logo designs this morning. One was a middle-of-the-night inspiration that I had to create as soon as I got up this morning.

Another one I am working has me frazzled. I have restarted it 12 times now. I think I may need another cup (or 5) of coffee before the brilliance hits me for this one. I have so many things to do today, I may need to abandon it all together. If I get anything dazzling finished, I'll post it here. Otherwise,I will be in my basement pricing yard sale items. If you don't hear from me for a few days, it means the spiders got me.

Friday, June 17, 2005

An Auction to Watch!

If you love boutique girly things, especially crocheted ones, here's a fun auction to watch. What are we bidding on? I HAVE NO IDEA! That's the fun part, it's a surprise auction! It's a princess surprise bag with unkown handcrafted items. We only get hints, and more hints AND items are added as the bid count rises. Click on the title to see it!
(Ends 24-Jun-05 21:00:18 EDT)

How to Crochet on the Cheap

I get a lot of people asking me where I get my yarns from. They seem to think that because I create bright and colorful clothing, I must be spending a fortune on yarn. Well, OK, I am. But that has everything to do with quantity and nothing to do with quality. I just can't stop myself. As for the bright colors....Hello? Walmart! Or whatever department store craft section is near you.

Since moving to a small town with very little craft supplies a little over a year and a half ago, I have had to be creative about where I find yarn. One of my best resources is discount stores that sell the 1lb bag of mill ends. I usually have to sort through large bins full of horrible browns and baby blanket pinks to find a good color, but it is always worth it. Mill ends are the end sections of the yarn that the factories don't use for brand names. They are then packaged in 1lb bags (usually in a few different sized skeins) and sold like a no-name yarn. I have seen them at Walmart, Giant Tiger and The Bargain Shop. Now, don't get all snobby. There is nothing wrong with bargian shopping at those stores. A word of warning about mill ends, though. The reason this yarn is cheap is that it is often wound too tight at the ends, This makes for some weak product sometimes. Make a small hole in the bag (do NOT rip open the whole bag and yank out all the yarn, PLEASE) and feel it. If it is too thin for you, don't bother buying it. It will only add to your stash of never-used-yarn. Also, while most of these yarns are 100% acrylic, the package won't tell you. If you don't really care what it is made of, you're good to go!

Another great method of yarn hunting is the allmighty YARD SALE! My oh MY do I love a good yard sale! I don't get out as often as I would like, but when I do, I go all out. A lot of yard sales have GOBS of old yarn. A lot of the time it is useless. I don't know who they expect is going to want 23 one inch balls of leftover grey, all in different thicknesses. True, you may find a box of 23 different colors, which would be great for making flowers, granny squares and other embellishments, but don't hold your breath. What you need to look for are vintage yarns. I once found some great german tweed from the 70's. There was only 2 small balls of it, but it made a great toddler poncho. tweed ponchoI think it only cost me about 75 cents. The beads were a vintage find, too.
You can also look for vintage sweaters that are too ugly to ever be worn again. If you get a large men's sweater, there should be plenty for a smaller project, like a child sized poncho or sweater. I have some great real wool that I got this way. I am waiting for just the right project to use it.

Don't forget about patterns. I don't actually use patterns when I crochet, but I do use them for inspiration and ideas. Look EVERYWHERE for vintage patterns; yard sales, rummage sales, secondhand stores, your mother-in-law's get the idea. And, as an added bonus, they are also usually worth a bit on Ebay . Spend the 25 cents now and it could really pay off later.

Basically, I make cheaply, but not cheap. You can create quality and durable items with less. I sell almost all of my projects on Ebay, so it is important that I do not spend more in supplies than I earn. Below are a few examples of items that I made for about $3.00 CAD each. Go on, be a cheap crocheter! If anyone has any more tips on how to crochet on a budget, please let me know!

These are only a few samples, almost ALL of my projects cost me under 5 dollars.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Try #3....I like this one a bit better. Simple, but pretty.

Two more logo designs. I'm not sure if I like these ones or not. The 1st one seems rather, I dunno, easy. The 2nd one, I think, is too busy. I will probably try this one again.

Free Patterns and Charts for Crochet

Links to free patterns and charts. For personal use only. All rights remain mine. Don't steal 'em. Don't say they are yours. Email me if you have any problems with them. Have fun.


~ Hot Shawl-colate

~ Stashbuster Safety Helmet Backpack
~ In Flander's Feild, A poem and a Pattern (Poppy)
~Strawberry 'Jamma Bag (Pajama Bag)


~ Moneybag
(includes pattern and chart)

~ Ladybug

~ Little Monkey

~Canada Day maple Leaf

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another Logo

This one was created for a fellow clothing designer....

..more to come!


This is my latest logo design. I am planning to use it one my website once it has been revamped.