Friday, June 24, 2005

Yard Sale Woes

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE yard sales.....other peoples' yard sale. My yardsale is turning into a nightmare. It is supposed to be a week from tomorrow. I shouldn't even have this much crap to get rid of. I swear it all breeds down there in the basement. We are a military family. Since getting together with my husband (1999), we have moved 4 times. I know, we got off lucky compared to some military families. The point is, we get rid of GOBS of junk almost everytime we move. We have only been in this house now for a year and a half. I have a theory, though. You know how if you carry a purse, it's always full, no matter the size? And even if you go to clean it out, you decide that really need all that stuff in there, so it doesn't really free up any space. But, if you carry a smaller purse, you need less. Or, better yet, take out your bank card, credit card and driver's liscence and stuff them in your back pocket. All of a sudden, you never needed all that stuff in your purse at all. I think it is the same with basements. First we had an apartment, with no storage, so we didn't have too much. Then we moved to a PMQ (sometimes called "Q's," private married quarters, for those not familiar with all of the army lingo) that had a basement. We were there about a year and 3 quarters before getting posted. The basement was STUFFED. It took us a week to go through it all. We didn't have time for a yard sale before our move, so we turned into our garbage picker-upper's (what's the PC term now?) worst nightmare. We did our best to donate what we could, but would you believe a few charites (I won't name names, but they are big) refused our things. They wouldn't take the books because they were printed before 2000, for heaven's sake. Since when did charities get to be picky? We found a local group that was willing to take most of it, though. It was nice getting rid of so much junk.
Our next Q did not have a basement. It had one of those cool attics, where you pull down the ladder and walk up into the ceiling. I know, that's so hick of me to think that's cool, but I grew up out west where there isn't a lot of old houses. Attics there mean little holes cut in the ceiling that nobody ever opens unless the roof leaks. So, by the time we left that house, after about 14 months, there wasn't too much to get rid of. We just repacked everything from the last move and came here.
I love my new house. It's really very nifty (yes, I say nifty in real life, too). It's a hundred year old schoolhouse that has had it's interior transformed a few times. I'll show pics someday, but here is the outside, anway.

So, we have this great big basement. It dark and gloomy and all the walls are made of big rocks. A previous owner spraypainted "The Cave" on one of the walls. This is the Ottawa Valley, too, so it's always damp. And that's where all the crap went to live. And grow. And grow and grow. So, it's yard sale time.
I have been watching the show
Clean Sweep for a few years. It's been very inspiring, in a slow-to-react kind of way. I am trying to organize my pricing in a similar way, but without taking everything in my basement out onto the lawn. I have started by bringing up a box, bag or pile of crap at a time. It either gets thrown out, priced, or put away somewhere. It is not going back into the basement until everything is cleaned out. This is what is priced so far:

Not bad, eh? It has all of my oldest's Barbies, old Christmas lights, stuffed animals, books and clothes...etc etc. I, too, would think it was a great start, if I didn't see this everytime I looked down the stairs:

And don't forget this:

So, I have a lot of pricing to do. And I am on my own with it, apparently. My husband wants nothing to do with the pricing or selling. I think he's scared he will sell something too low and I will yell at him. I don't yell. I work all weekend, too, so there will be some late nights (when, oh, when will I find time to crochet???). In the end, some stuff may just get thrown out on the lawn without a tag. Make me an offer. Please, take my junk!
Here are a few great yardsaler sites for sellers and hunters:

Wish me luck!


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