Saturday, July 09, 2005

Work work work work work......

Oh, if weekends could smell, I'd be pluggin' my nose for this one. It's bad enough that I had to send my oldest daughter on a plane (oh my GOD I hate planes) on the same day that there were terrorist attacks all the way on the other side of the world (yes I'm that paranoid), but now I am working more hours than a weekend actually has. I know, I need some perspective. My family is all safe and alive and what else matters, right? I get that, I am grateful but my body is not cooperating. About 2:30 am friday morning is when I 1st started feeling sick. Then I had to work at 5 pm. SO, I stayed in bed all day. I never stay in bed all day. Ick. My shift was the usual crap of snotty customers and snotty coworkers, but whatever...I'm used to it now. But, today is the killer shift, and I barely slept last night (due to sleeping all day, duh).
I've worked very hard since before I was legally allowed to, and I am not a stranger to long shifts, but whenever someone at my work heard that I was working the 9am-6pm shift today, they all did that hissing, sucking, squinty-eyed thing and say "oooooo....that's rough." It's 9 hours of walking around a discount retail store.....just walking. I'm only a part-time (part-time apparently equals limited brain function to the rest of the staff there), so I don't even get real jobs like putting out stock. I just walk around. Oh, but I do get an hour break instead of a half hour. Hmmm....what can I do in a stuffy room with no air conditioning for an hour? There is a TV, with only one channel, and on Saturdays it only has a save-the-children/whales/spotted wolf/etc infomercial. ACK! Of course I will have my crochet bag with me, but if it's nice, I will walk to Timmies. Oh, and again. This time while hubby and youngest child go boating with Grandma. How do I get to work when they take the van? Oh, heck, who knows. We only live way out in the country. Hitchhike, maybe? No, I'm not that stupid. I just have to go to my crappy shift today and beg people I don't like to pick my up for a shift that I don't want to be at. Sigh. I know....perspective.


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