Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans is Sinking....

Ya'll have to read this. Here's a small blurb:

"The fact that New Orleans has not already sunk is a matter of luck. If slightly different paths had been followed by Hurricanes Camille, which struck in August 1969, Andrew in August 1992 or George in September 1998, today we might need scuba gear to tour the French Quarter."

It was published a few years ago, so it's a little eerie at how accurate it is. What's even more odd? Check out the date it was published.

I've been watching the news with thoughts of sadness and horror. Go to CNN to see the latest in this tragedy. New Orleans, I'm so sorry we never met.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Then and Now

I would like to introduce you to S.S. # 6....


Also known as My House....


I needed a slight diversion from my normal routine today. I am in potty training hell. We have been more or less tied to the upstairs bathroom, running frantically for the toilet (and not always making it) for a few days now. We have reached the point of "That's IT! No more diapers for YOU!" Enough is enough. She is completely aware of how the toilet works. She just wants to be stubborn about it. And she likes to argue. About anything. With anyone. And if she has nobody to argue with.....she argues with herself. Or her own body parts. Her feet are constantly yelling at each other. It's a little weird.
So, before sending her out to the yard naked to learn bathroom manners from the dog, I threw a diaper on her and we went out. I took the girls to the public library. I suppose a year and a half of living in the area is enough time to finally get around to it. And, while there, I looked up old local schools. And found a picture of my house. You'll have to excuse the quality. It's a digital picture of a photocopy of a black and white photo. Unfortunately, that is all we found, so far. The only other information was the names of the original school trustees and the farmer that donated the land (we are still a 1 acre corner of that same farm) in the late 1800's (and we already knew all that). And info about when it was a bar would be in the local newspapers, but we would have to narrow down the search to something more than just "a bar in the 1970's" in order to find out more. I'll keep digging, though. In the meantime, I at least know what our little school was called. S.S # 6. Has a nice ring to it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I have a DISHWASHER!!!

Year after year, plate after plate, fork after FREAKING fork....all handwashed. By me. Well, mostly. But still. A lot of dishpan hands. And now I have a dishwasher! Ok, so I don't actually have it yet. But it is paid for. I just have to wait for the store to get it in. Then to get it to my house. Then for the kitchen to be finished so it can be installed. And USED. To WASH THE DISHES. I'm ever so excited.

Kitchen update: Hubby took down some more drywall in the kitchen to replace it. He found this over the back door.

Neat, huh? We are assuming it was from the days when our house was a bar. It also looks as though the atual bar of the bar was attached to the wall next to back door. I love treasure hunting.

Life update: Hubby has been offered a bomb disposal course (still aiming at giving me a stroke). He will be gone for 6 weeks, minus a few weekends. He leaves in about 3 weeks. He better get my kitchen done, first. ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What Rhymes With Yarn?

There once was a girl who loved yarn,
She kept her big stash on her farm,
The horses were tangled,
The cows nearly strangled,
And the pigs were tied up in the barn.

I know. Hyuck hyuck hyuck. I was bored while driving and all that was on the radio was the business reprort. So I thought up a yarn poem.
So, hubby is out of town for a few days. Army business. Blowing stuff up, I suppose. That's his job. He has to fly in a bushplane to get there. A bushplane. Don't they watch the news? Those things always go missing. I make him lie to me and tell me that they are hiking in. I swear, that man wants to give me a stroke. And everything that stresses me out, he thinks is fun and wants to do again ("Can I please go back to Afghanistan, please please please can I?"). I bought more yarn, though. Yes, I have a problem. Like any of you can judge me. You know you do it, too. I started a shawl yesterday. I know. I was supposed to write a pattern. I will. Eventually. I really need to use up some yarn, though. And I need to get started on some gifties for family. And I think everyone will want shawls this year. Well, the girls, anyway. And even if they don't, they'll at least be polite and pretend to love it. They'd better.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Looky looky! I've been tagged by Marla!
Idiosyncrasy- a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of yours then tag 5 people if you like.
1. Remember that old sleepover game, Bloody Mary? Ya, I still can't be in a bathroom with the lights off and the door closed.
2. I don't buy new shoes until the ones I am wearing have pretty much fallen off of my feet.
3. I often refer to my childhood using "we" instead of "me". It tends to confuse people who don't know I am a triplet and didn't have my own identity till about 3rd grade.
4. My gravy cannot touch my cranberry sauce. Uck.
5. A lost remote control makes me irrationally angry. I don't know why.
Ok, so now that I have further revealed my nuttiness, I pass this on to, ummm....uhhhh....(who the heck hasn't been tagged yet?)...Ok, Jana, Noricum, Jocelyn, Vanessa and Tracey .

I have nothing really to show for today. Other than grocery shopping, dollar store shopping and linoleum shopping (not the lady, the actual flooring), I spent the morning at the car doctor (what my youngest calls the dealership sevice department). Hubby came home from work late last night and asked if I could take the mini-van in today. The engine light had come on, and the cd player was acting up. I wouldn't know about the cd player, I can barely turn it on. I listen to talk radio all day. I don't think I even own a cd. Hubby does, though. And he said that when he tried to go to the next song, it was jumping all over the place. Ok, I'll get that checked, too. So, we went in. And waited. Forever. With bratty kids that whined about everything. Sigh. Then they came and told me the problems. The engine light? Apparently the gas tank lid wasn't screwed on tight enough. And the cd player? Somebody (not naming any names, but the same one that filled up with gas last) hit the "random" button. So, no probs with the engine or the cd player. Great news, right? Sure, if you don't mind paying 40 bucks to find that out! What a ripoff. And that is what prompted my little dollar store shopping trip. I needed a shopping binge to feel better. And I'm cheap. And jobless. So that's where I binge. Look, I found coffee art:

I have a thing for coffee art. Don't know why. But these are going up in my new kitchen when it's done. I love the "Espresso Yourself" one. That would have been a great blog name (hint hint to anyone looking for a blog name!).
I also have no real projects to talk about right now. I know, how pathetic. I have been in a bit of a rut. I keep starting things, then frogging them. I think it all started with the yarn that was in my stolen suticase. I can't seem to shake it, as sad as that is. It's like no other yarn will be good enough. My goodness, I am a few cards short of a full deck. I'm going to put my mind to writing down at least one pattern tonight. Wish me luck.

And now, I leave you with a joke. I didn't write it. It was emailed to me. I thought it was funny.

When everybody on earth was dead and waiting to enter Paradise, God appeared and said, "I want the men to make two lines: one line for the men who were true heads of their household and the other line for the men who were dominated by their women. I want all the women to report to St Peter"Soon, the women were gone and there were two lines of men. The line of the men who were dominated by their wives was 100 miles long, and in the line of men who truly were heads of their household, there was only one man.God said, "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I created you to be the head of your household. You have been disobedient and not fulfilled your purpose. I told you to be the spiritual leader in your family. Of all of you only one obeyed. Learn from him. Tell them, my son, how did you manage to be the only one in this line?"The man replied, "I don't know, my wife told me to stand here."

Friday, August 19, 2005

Aarrr! Only a Month Away!

Ahoy there mateys! This is it! We are now officially only one month away from....


I've been caught with my gaurd down in past years. But not this time. No siree Bob. I will not be the only one that can't speak pirate on September 19th. It is soooo embarrassing. I'm starting to practice now. I'm not making this up, people. This is a serious matter. I suggest you all stop screwing around and get with the program, too. There is lingo to practice, parties to plan, cute little skull and crossbone cakes to bake. But fear not, me hearties. There is time. A whole month. Check this mean AVAST!

The top rated pirate joke ever, according to :

This pirate walks into a bar with a big ship's wheel sticking out of his trousers. The bartender says, "Excuse me, sir, but do you know you have a ship's wheel down the front of your trousers?" And the pirate says... Aaargh, it's driving me nuts!!

Pirate tools:

~The coolest pirate fonts and dingbats ever HERE

~How to plan a pirate party HERE

~Get your pirate nickname HERE (my name is Skylarking Rose *giggle*)

~A very in depth pirate glossary, to help you practice HERE

~And of course, don't forget to visit the original nutjobs that started this holiday HERE . Your mind will be boggled by all of the pirate info, fun and facts.

So there. No more excuses. If you find yourself unable to talk like a pirate on September 19th, you have only yourself to blame. Savvy?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Can I Whine?

Not a lot. And not about anything real big. I know, lately I have been all about the doom and gloom. But not now. Really. I feel better. I'm not peeking around every corner waiting for some tragedy to happen. I just feel like whining a bit. Maybe it's because hubby had his day to whine yesterday. He went back to work today. Phew. Tell me it funny that he, knowing my very real fear of food poisoning, spent yesterday wondering out loud if his illness was due to undercooked pork chops from the night before? He thinks it's a riot. Men. Ok, bear with me, the whining has just begun.
Whine #1 ~ At what point will my husband stop taking things apart in my house, and start making it look pretty? I think he is getting too much satisfaction from the destruction phase, but I need to see some construction pretty flippin' soon. But it is kinda neat seeing what is under all the layers of our house. There were some pretty crappy handymen in this house at various points throughout the last 100 years. A lot of effort went into to making things ugly. For example:

Notice the number of different paint colors. That's just what was discovered on those 2 far. We still have a bit of digging to do. Those are the original walls that were underneath the drywall which is being replaced. I know this house was a hippie bar at one point. Were they having LSD induced paint wars?
So, now my kitchen currently looks like this:

But, we are going to Home Depot to order our cabinets this weekend (the nearest Home Depot being an hour and a half away, we have to wait for weekends). And hubby really is good at this whole renovation crap, even if he is new at it. He makes sure to take the time to do it right. Darn it. I wanted to bake brownies. I guess it's KFC for dinner tonight. And we will be using paper plates and plastic utensils till I get a dishwasher.

Whine #2 ~ My wrist hurts. I don't know why. Well, OK, it's an old injury, but it hasn't bothered me in forever. As soon as I was in Edmonton, it was as weak as a wet noodle. I have been wearing my wrist brace almost constantly for 4 days now. And I hate it. And my jaw hurts, too. I was snacking on a danish last night, and I heard my jaw crack a bit. No biggie, it's happened before. But, this morning I woke up feeling like I was punched in the face. Ow. I guess I'll keep Advil in business for a few more days.

Whine #3 ~ I don't have a lot of real life friends. Not because I'm not wonderful. Cuz I am. Just that I move a lot and I can't afford to be friends with people who will get all pissy about me moving away and then deciding to never speak to me again. What adult would do that, you wonder? You'd be amazed. It happens all the time. But, I met a few girls at my job (that I just quit), and we hit it off. And they get the whole I-may-be-a-girl-but-I'm-not-clingy thing. And another girl wants to start a joint crochet and knitting get together group with me. So I got their phone numbers before leaving. And they made me promise to call so we can plane a "date". SO, when I left my last shift, and since I was leaving right away for my trip, I put the phone numbers in my suitcase. Yup. THAT suitcase. The one that was stolen. So, if I want their phone numbers, I have to go into my old work and get them. Without knowing when they are working, so I will have to just keep popping in till I find them. And running into all the managers. I'm sorry, but that just sucks. It's not like there was animosity, but it's a bit akward. How many times in one week can I pretend to be shopping for towels?

Whine #4 ~ There is NOTHING GOOD ON TV!!!

Whine #5 ~ I still don't know what this is:

I'm not sure if I like it yet, either. I'm not getting a vibe from it. I really like the stitch I am using, but I dunno. I think this WIP may go to the WIL (work in limbo) pile. I have other ideas I can work on right now, and a few things to finish up.

Sigh. Ok, I feel better. See. Nothing too bad. Just little whines. And they will all right themselves out eventually. Well, I don't know about #4. We'll just have to wait and see when the new shows start. I thank you all for the oppurtunity to bitch and moan.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crochet Wednesday

I know, it's supposed to be called Work in Progress Wednesday. I know. And I do have a few WIPs. I don't however, have fully charged batteries for my camera. But I will still talk crochet.
While sitting at my mother's personal little trailer park last week, I decided to crochet something for my only neice. I have determined the I, not my sister, will be her favorite auntie. And what better way to show your love to a 3 year old with an attitude than to make her something special from your heart. Ya, right. So, I took her to the nearest Walmart and let her pick out her yarn. She choose a purple shade of Bernat Soft Boucle. I am so sick of boucle, lately. So, I sat at my mom's trailer paradise and crocheted. It's not like I was going to go swimming. It was only about 20 degrees celcius. And I like to crochet. Yes, I may do it all the time, but why can't it be a vacation thing, too? Here it is in progress:

Here is the finished product. Can't you tell just how much she loves it? I'm sure that her lovely sneer is really just a reflection of her appreciation for her favorite auntie and the work that was put into creating this one of a kind garment for her. I'm just sure.

And just for reference sake, this is where most of the crocheting was done.

That is one of 7 trailers on a 13 acre riverfront property. Oh, and they have a sauna, too. They may be living in trailers, but they still need their comforts.

In other news, my husband is sick sick sick today. And what a big baby he is. But, he actually called in sick today. That's impressive, since he usually refuses to. So, he's upstairs whining in bed. Sigh.

Congrats to Drew!

I just got my first ROAK package ready to mail out! I'm so excited. Are ya'll wondering if it's for you? It might be!

I am working on a project, but I really don't know what it will be yet. Do you ever do that? Just start crocheting without any real idea of the finished product? I am using the cable stitch (according to the Crochet Stitch Bible) and a pretty shade of grey bulk yarn. I'll try to get a picture of it posted once my camera batteries are charged.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

On the Brighter Side

I'm back. Finally. And now things will get better. Why?

1. I'm on the ground. Not in the air. And I will never fly again. I say that every time, but this time I mean it. Unless my husband finally brings me to Europe, like he's been saying for years. Then I will fly. Heavily medicated. And without kids. Oh, and those of you who are planning to fly in Canada....I would suggest taking Westjet. Or any other airline that is not AirCanada. Pay the extra, if you have to. And might want to know that your employees are rude, insensitive and quite openly racist, and you really can't continue allowing that. Especially you, Miss Flight Attendant with the Short Red Hair that was on my flights in both directions. Yes, you. I am writing my complaint letter today. You have no right to treat people the way you do, just because you work for an airline.
2. The road that was torn up in front of my house, causing weeks of constant rattling that nearly shook my house to the's paved. They did it yesterday. No more earthquakes. And as far as I can tell, we only lost one small chunk of the chimney. And it really cleaned all the rust out of our water pipes. So, that's good, I guess.

3. I shopped. A lot. And I bought a lot of stuff. And it was ALL on sale. Well, everything except the pretty underwear from Old Navy, but I couldn't resist. And the best part? I have a mom with lots of money, so it was all on her. I have more clothes now than what I had in that stupid suitcase. I am still upset at some of the things I will never see again. But, I may just buy that 3 button blouse again. Maybe in a different color. I'm wild and crazy that way.
And, to replace the yarn that was stolen, I bought something new. The Complete Knitting Set from Reader's Digest. It was on sale, of course. Only $9.99 (originally $49.99) at Homesense. I know, I'm crossing over to the dark side. But the box was so pretty, and it comes with yarn and needles and really detailed instructions. And I was missing my pretty yarn. It was an impulse thing. I can't wait to start on it.

4. FREE YARN!!! Apparently, I am now considered the family yarn receptacle for unused or unwanted yarn. Heck, I'm not complaining. It's free yarn. Lots of it. I'm not really sure what to do with it, but it will be added to my stash. Some of it may be sent out in RAOK packages.

5. I am officially the sane person in my family. No, really, I am. I realize how strange that sounds, especially to those of you who have read my past posts here, but it's true. I have proof.

This is my mom and step-dad. They are fairly rich and prosperous people. They have a large house, fancy cars, a boat, a couple of resort vacations a year, a few businesses, tiny little fluffy dogs with their own wardrobes...etc etc etc. Can ya tell? This is how they have been dressing. Notice the black socks on my mom. Mom, Mom, Mom. They are living in a trailer for 3 month of the year. On purpose. When it's time to go into town, they "dress up" in their rubber boots and sweat pants. I'm just in awe. When I moved away, they were still country club snobs. I don't know what happened.

This is a dog funeral. Awww, how sad. You'd think. And it would be, except that the 2 dogs being eulogized died at least 5 years ago. That's their ashes being burried. Yes, I miss my dog, but come on people. And the "preist"? That's my aunt and godmother. Do you like her toilet paper collar? Guess what they are calling that little gravesite? The Dead Dog Bar. Now that the ashes are burried, they are going to build an outdoor bar on top of it. What is wrong with these people?

Those feet belong to my dad. I saw his socks one morning and said "Hey Dad, ya know you have 2 different colored socks on?" He said "Yup." Okay. "Umm, why do you have 2 different colored socks on?" He says "It's race day." Right. Of course. How silly of me. "Ummm, so what does race day have to do with the color of you socks?" He looks at me like I am the dumbest person he knows. "The black one is for Dale Earnhardt and the red one is for Dale Earnhardt Junior." Well, duh. Case closed. And now I know what to crochet him for Christmas.
So, those incidents, along with others (which I may divulge at random times if I choose to embarrass them any more), prove that I, the one afraid of everything, am the sane one in my family. And I need to get a sign like this one:

6. Tim Horton's new cinnamon rolls. Yummy.

7. I don't have to go to work! Na na na na boo boo!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Hey ya'll. Greetings from Edmonton. And from my dad's nifty little laptop. Oh, and remember that 3rd bad thing I've been waiting for? It wasn't the plane crashing (although that ride still sucked). Turns out, trauma #3 was being saved for today. At West Edmonton Mall. In the form of my suitcase being stolen from the trunk of my mom's car. Yup. No clothes. No jammies. And they got my yarn. My yarn. And that new outfit with the brilliant 3 button system blouse. Thank God all of my valuables were on me. I could have lost so much more (2 cameras, birth certificates, credit cards, all my crochet hooks). But I am still upset. It was the yarn I got in Portland on my last trip. I just know it has been draped across all the cars in the parking lot at W.E.M. , just because the little s***heads that stole it have no idea what to do with it. I just know it. Oh, and the real kicker. Today is my wedding anniversary. Yup. Today sucks (but I still love ya, Honey, glad I married ya). Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I will shop. And when I get home, I will splurge on some fancy yarn. And at least the 3rd thing is done, now. I'll be so much more postive and less fatalistic once I get home. Promise.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Plan B a.k.a. How to Deal

Before I say anything else, I would just like to point out cat is stupid.

I keep reminding him about the whole curiousity killing the kitty, but he just won't listen.
Well, I'm off. Ok, not quite, but soon. I am working tonight, then tomorrow afternoon (my last shift), and then right after we will be driving to Ottawa. My flight leaves at 6 AM, and it's a 2 hour drive from here to the airport, so we are staying at hubby's aunt's house for the night and leaving from there. Less stress.
I've decided to be a big girl and suck it up and do my best on this flight. Of course, I say that every time I fly, but this time will be different, I can feel it. My mom has suggested drinking a lot, 6 AM. Thanks Mom. That's some great motherly advice. Especially since I will be flying alone with your grandchild. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with my screaming in drunken hysterics while your 3 year old grandchild is virtually abandoned to the other passangers on the plane. I think I will go with plan B, but thanks, Mom.

Plan B:
~Spend way too much money on new clothes for the flight, so I can feel like a pretty basketcase.


~Accesorize, of course.


~Buy a new carry-on bag, specifically for carrying on the nessecities (yarn, hooks, trashy romance book, apple juice, smarties, chips, gum, coloring book and crayons, My Little Ponies, and, of course, Advil). Done (sorry, no photo). I bought it at work before I lost my discount. It's HUGE, too. I can carry lots of yarn.

~Start a project.

Done. I am pretty sure it will be a poncho, but we'll see. I'm using the lace clusters stitch (stitch #108 in The Crochet Stitch Bible) and the huge hunk of yarn I got while in Maine.

That's all I've got for plan B right now. I am striving to make myself proud and not whimper throughout the flight....again.
I'll be around here and there during my trip, since I will have some computer access. I will post all new photos when I get home. I can get most emails.

Also, I need to show ya'll something. These are the buttons on my new shirt. Notice how there are three buttons for each button space? Brilliant!

I don't know who thought of it, but it had to be a girl! I don't know how many blouses I have that I don't wear because of the "boob gap" on the front. And I am not what one would describe as "well endowed." The three buttons system is genius. I'm sure it's been around forever and I've just been too cheap to pay extra for it, but I did this time! Woohoo! Now I just need to make more money so I can pay for it! Woohoo!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Babble babble babble.....

First, read this news story: Passengers, crew survive fiery crash in Toronto
Ok, so yesterday, I was commenting on how two 'bad things' (car accident, job loss) have happened to me recently. I was wondering what the third thing would be. I wrote in the last entry in this blog "a plane incident, even minor, might just make me a babbling idiot right now," since I am about to fly on a plane this upcoming sunday, and I am completetly terrified while flying. I would like to point out that I made that comment hours before the plane actually crashed. And I realize that everyone survived, and I am completely happy about that. But fears and phobias are not based on rational thoughts. They are emotions. And my emotions are GOING INSANE right now. I can't even think of getting on that plane without starting to cry. I have searched for websites that help with flying fears. They all just quote a bunch of statistics on how many plane crashes there have been and how many people have died. Thanks, that helps. I know that less people die in planes than in cars. This has absolutely nothing to do with rational thoughts and statistics. And if one more person says to me "Oh, you'll be fine," or "Don't be silly, nothing will happen," they just might get a crochet hook in the eye. I am scared. There is nothing I can do about it, at least not before sunday. This is not an attention getting ploy, as my family seems to think. If I could turn this fear off, I would. In a heartbeat. All I can do is get on that plane on Sunday and hope I don't pass out. And get one of my sisters to hook me up with some valium for the ride home.
Babble babble babble babble babble babble babble babble...................

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

More time to crochet now....

Ok, so my job is out the window. I wasn't fired, but I would have been if I wasn't at work on Sunday....when I will be on a plane to Edmonton to visit my sick sister. I gave them the time-off request almost 2 weeks ago. They could have said something sooner. Whatever. I told them Saturday will be my last shift. It would have happened sooner or later, anyway. I don't have a reliable lifestyle at the moment. With hubby's job (out of town trips) and my family being so far away, and not knowing anyone here to babysit evenings and weekends, it was inevitable that I need time off. Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for them to get fed up with me. I'm rather upset. Not cuz the job is gone. I was pretty much done with it anyway. I only worked there to get out of the house and meet people, and the staff there wasn't really all that nice anyway. I'm more upset bcause I am a reliable person, and now it really looks like I am not. And cuz there was yarn there.
Whatever. I didn't want the stupid job anyway.
Anyway, on happier crochet news.....this blog is now a part of the Crochet Blogs site ring. Also, you have to read the little ditty that was posted at Stashaholic. It's a riot. Oh, and the new Crochet Me issue is out. Go read it.
As for the rest of my day, well....I have to go to work. This should be fun. At least I don't need to impress them anymore. And then I will come home and pout. And wait for bad thing #3 to happen (car accident, job loss, ?). I told my sister that I won't get on a plane on Sunday until the third thing has happened. Not that I like bad things, but a plane incident, even minor, might just make me a babbling idiot right now (refer to this post for more info on my impending insanity). That is assuming, of course, that I am not already a babbling idiot, and nobody has told me yet. Ya'll would tell me, right?

Crashes, Kubasa, Kitchens and More!

Yes, I was in a crash. To be more accurate, I was crashed into. Friday night when I was leaving work. The city had blocked off the end of a dark street with sawhorses, and there was no prior warning. So, when the guy in front of me noticed, I politely stopped far enough back so that he could do a nice U-turn and carry on. They guy behind me, however, decided he really really needed to know what time the store was open till....while driving full speed down the road....right into me. Bastard. And it was his girlfriend's car, who is now trying to convince her insurance that it was her driving (not if I have anything to say about it) and the cops won't do a single thing, not even a ticket, and I am just so flippin' MAD about the whole thing that I will stop talking about it now.....but I'm OK. My eyes hurt on Saturday, due to the rattlin' around inside my skull, but I am otherwise fine. My back bumper is trash, but it did it's job well.
Saturday was Kubasa lunch day in Ottawa with the in-laws. We took the oppurtunity to go to the Home Depot and sit down (again) with a kitchen planner to go over our plan. Thanks, Bob! This will be our fifth (an final, cross your fingers) plan. It has gotten smaller and smaller each time, but that's good. I hate crowded rooms. And I need my kitchen done. Soon. Very soon. I may have a nervous breakdown. I can't wash dishes in a single sided sink anymore. I need a big sink. And a dishwasher. And floors that are less than 100 years old. For reals, they are the original schoolhouse floors, from 1909. Not quite, but almost 100 years old. And uuuuuuugly.

A previous owner decided to strip the floors. I am assuming with the intention of refinishing them. But they never did. We live in the Ottawa Valley. It's very humid here. When it gets humid outside, the kitchen floor tells a story. As in every single thing that has spilled on it since 1909 is then visable. Ew. But, we also finally found the flooring we want for the main floor of the house, too. And at half the price of anywhere else. Yay. I am starting to envision my house as....well....nice. Hopefully.
Speaking of my dad got me hooked on playing with
Google Maps. Here's my house:

Cool, huh? I've been looking up every place I ever lived, worked or went to school. Gosh, I'm ever so much fun. No wonder I have so many friends.

Sunday was supposed to be a cleaning day. Ya, sure. I had a small delayed emotional reaction to Friday's trauma and spent most of the day in bed reading. I was up and about in time to go get donair subs for dinner. I'm such a good housewife.
Monday was supposed to be a replacement cleaning day. Ya, that worked out. I woke up with a killer headache and stayed in bed till noon. When I eventually got up, hubby wanted to go shopping. Yes, I married a man who loves to shop. Na na na na boo boo. And it's usually stuff for me he wants to buy. He will drive for 2 hours if there is a jacket in a store that he thinks will look nice on me. What a guy. So, we went shopping, but only 45 minutes away. Liquidation World. How can a store with that name be bad? We got pretty pretty new amber colored glasses, so we can replace our "007" movies collection glasses from the video store. Aww. Shucks.

And then I made a delicious meal of Kentucky style fried chicken, along with some wonderful salads and french fries with gravy....Ok, fine, I bought it......I can cook, I swear, I just didn't feel like, Ok?
So, my house is a mess, I spent too much money and I have no time before I go away next week to get anything done. But at least I crocheted. I made another poncho. I like it. It's cute. Not ready to list on Ebay yet, but soon.

I haven't had a chance to read all the blogs I frequent yet, but I'll get to it soon. Probably while on hold with my insurance company, today.