Sunday, August 28, 2005

I have a DISHWASHER!!!

Year after year, plate after plate, fork after FREAKING fork....all handwashed. By me. Well, mostly. But still. A lot of dishpan hands. And now I have a dishwasher! Ok, so I don't actually have it yet. But it is paid for. I just have to wait for the store to get it in. Then to get it to my house. Then for the kitchen to be finished so it can be installed. And USED. To WASH THE DISHES. I'm ever so excited.

Kitchen update: Hubby took down some more drywall in the kitchen to replace it. He found this over the back door.

Neat, huh? We are assuming it was from the days when our house was a bar. It also looks as though the atual bar of the bar was attached to the wall next to back door. I love treasure hunting.

Life update: Hubby has been offered a bomb disposal course (still aiming at giving me a stroke). He will be gone for 6 weeks, minus a few weekends. He leaves in about 3 weeks. He better get my kitchen done, first. ;)


Blogger Jewels said...

Good for you on the dishwasher thing!! I l.o.v.e mine.

10:13 p.m.  
Blogger Jana said...

your house used to be a bar?? cool

2:30 a.m.  
Blogger Jocelyn Sass said...

We are in the middle of renovating our house also, but we haven't found anything as cool as you! My husband is a policeman but has never had to do any course as scary as bomb disposal, just S.W.A.T.! He will do just fine, though!

8:27 a.m.  
Blogger carrie said...

i think the fire exit sign is fantastic! congrats on your dishwasher, and your poem is adorable.

9:26 a.m.  
Blogger Marla said...

ROFL that's cute... fire exit.... congrats on the dishwasher thing!!

10:29 a.m.  

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