Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Still Kickin' Around

I'm still alive. I swear. I'm just in kitchen reno hell. Remember hubby's plan to hurry and get it done before he went away for 6 weeks? And remember how he was on duty that whole week before he left? Ya, well. His damn on-call phone rang everytime he stepped inside the house. But. The kitchen still needs to get finished. So. Guess who has had a crash course in renovation? Yup. Moi. And I gotta tell ya'll. I think I may have missed my calling. Anyway. I have sooo many pictures to show and drywalling tips and tricks to share. But that will have to wait. I am in the process of installing my floor. But, just so ya'll don't go away's a picture of the very last peice of ugly kitchen, right before it was ripped away forever.

And here is the current progress.

I know, I said I was gonna have a big reveal, but I can't wait to show off a bit. More to come!

P.S. Marla, that lemon pledge idea is sooo great! And timely! I have an inch of drywall dust on everything I own! And I ripped away all of the kitchen spiders' hiding, ya know. They've been kinda mad at me.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Definition of Courage : mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

Withstand danger, fear or difficulty, eh? Oh ya. I'm all that. Courageous. Brave. Stalwart. However you wanna say it. I rock. I ventured and I persevered. What did I do? Why, I slept in my bed last night.

Why would I be scared of my own bed? Is my husband prone to rolling over and smothering me? No (I probably wouldn't complain though, wink wink). Is there a scary ghost sitting beside my bed waiting to grab me if I get up to go pee? No (oh God, I hope not). Am I afraid of slipping into a coma if I dare to fall asleep on my wonderful pillow-top mattress, not waking for weeks? No. Actually, that might be nice. And my kitchen might be done by the time I wake up. Just in time to make coffee.

No, to all of those reasons. I was afraid to sleep in my bed because of a spider. Not just any spider. One who has taken up residence right above my head while I sleep. Eek. I was planning to take a picture so I could show ya'll what I mean, but hubby took the camera today. So I drew it up on my computer for you.

It's a bit hard to explain how that works. The part of the ceiling that has the skylights (yes, that's what those blue boxes are), is slanted, so the top of the skylight is actually directly over me. Well, here. I made a cross-section for you.

So, Creepy Pete has decided to live in a little crevice right at the top of the skylight. Has a web and everything. And yes, I called hubby to catch him. But he ran away (the spider, not hubby). And I tried myself, but he hid again. I even tried to vacuum the little bugger out. The problem is, it's a deep crevice. It goes right into the inner wall of the house. The only way I will get him is if he strays too far from his safety zone. Then I'll suck him up. Or stomp on him. Ya. Stomping sounds good.

In the meantime, I have a problem. Ahem. Spider. Over my head. While I sleep. I don't think so! When I first saw him there, I evacuated my room. I slept on the spare bed in my daughter's room on Wednesday night. But last night I was not in the mood to be pushed around. I decided to face it. 'It' being the spider. Eek.

I stayed up for hours reading, just so I could look up and see if he was around. I swear the bastard was peeking over the edge at me. I think he may have winked, giggled and ran away at one point. Eventually I was too tired, so I turned off the light and fell asleep. It wouldn't surprise me if he then crawled down, tapdanced around on my face, took a swim in the water on my nightstand and made some long-distance calls. I only woke up 4 or 5 times to check. He's sneaky, this one. But I'll get him. And then frame his squished and mangled little body.

The point of all this rambling, is that I slept in a bed KNOWING that a spider could very likely be dangling over my open, snoring mouth. If that ain't brave, then, hell, I don't know what is. I wonder what other fears I can conquer today?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I have a FRIEND!!!

That sounds so very, very sad and pathetic. Don't lie. I know it does. But I don't care. Cuz I have friend! A real one. With hair and skin and bones and everything. Her name is Janet. She's my friend. We had a date tonight. At a bar. Ok, fine, a coffee bar. It's an adult only coffee shop, so the grown-ups can smoke. Her, not me. But I didn't mind. Anything for a friend.
But, really, it was fun. We talked and talked and talked. About kids and husbands and exes and politics and clothes, and the frat guy that I once made out with in the middle of a bar even though I didn't like him at all but he was really hot, and the creepy guy that she works with that made really creepy sexual comments to her and freaked her right out, and .....well, all the girly stuff. We gossiped about people we both know and reminisced about our younger years (even though she's only 27 and I'm not quite 30....but we feel old, dammit). I had fun. I hope she calls me for a second date. Should I send flowers or something?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Getting Back on Track

I'm trying to get back to normal. I'm not really sure what happened the last little while, but I have been sooo unorganized. I have not been getting enough time to get things done. It all comes down to time-management. And I have not been managing.
Ok, so now I am working my way back up to full speed. I have a few new crocheted items finished.

And listed on EBAY.
Now, I just have to work around everything else going on. I'm a little (a lot) worried that the kitchen won't be done before hubby goes away for 6 weeks. And both of my parents will be coming to visit sometime while he is away (Not at the same time, though. If they were in the same place at the same time, we would all be sitting in hell freezing to death). I can just imagine serving my mom microwaved pizza pops for dinner on paper plates. But, all I can do is hope. And nag. Nagging tends to make it go a bit faster. For now. Till he catches on that nagging is actually part of the overall plan. Then I will have to move on to cajoling. If that doesn't work....well, I guess I will start begging.
Also, I am supposed to go out for coffee with a friend tomorrow night. Ya'll have no idea how long it's been since I went out somewhere with a friend. It's embarassing, really. It's been at least 2 years. And that's just counting things like shopping and coffee. Actually going out out for a night (ya know, involving booze) has been a little over 4 years. It was my stagette party, actually. We went bowling. Well, drunken bowling. And I just had my 4th anniversary last month. Sad, ain't it? Anyway.....I planned to go out for coffee tomorrow night with Janet, but now hubby is on duty. That means that he is the after hours guy for the next week, and he has to be available at all times. So I can't take the car anywhere by myself for the next week. I can't be alone ever. Not even to run to the grocery store. And if I want to go for coffee, he has to drive me there and drop me off. Like I'm a kid going to the mall. Sheesh. Well. I'm going. I don't care. I want to get out of the house and talk to a real grown up, dammit.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


.... a WALL!

Well, almost. But much better than before. Remember this?

So, a bit better. Not that I can take any credit for it. Darling hubby is doing all of the building work. He has a hidden genius for things like drywalling and electrical work. Or at least it looks like genius to me. I haven't had any walls fall on me or electrical outlets explode, so I assume he is doing things right. I know he has all of the codes and regulations memorized, and he's a big fan of Holmes on Homes. I think he has nightmares that Mike Holmes will come into our house and pick apart everything he has done. And yell at him. Personally, I am so very impressed at what he knows about this kind of thing. I would have married him anyway, but it's ever so nice to find out how handy he actually is.
However, HE is the lucky one. Why? Because he hates to paint. HATES IT. Can't stand it. It makes him angry. Me? I L*O*V*E to paint! I don't care if it's a plain old wall and some white primer. It's a paintbrush in my hand! So, this past weekend I traded in my crochet hooks and yarn for a heatgun and a scraper. We are re-drywalling most of the kitchen, but keeping one wall original. It's old tongue and groove wood slats with about a BILLION layers of paint on them. Or at least there was. Till I scraped it off.

That's about 1/4 of the area I was scraping, folks

It took FOREVER. Then I had to sand it all (always sand with a respirator mask, folks!). And finally, I got to PAINT. Well, the primer. And just that one wall so far. But I LOVED it. I'm not showing anymore kitchen pictures until it's all done. Then I will have a big reveal, like on those decorating shows.
My hand is now on strike. It hurts. It's done. Stick a fork in it. Really, go ahead. It can't hurt any worse than it does now. I know my limits. I just ignored them. So, no crocheting today. As much as I want to. I am soooo very close to finishing that baby blanket for Kim. I only have a few more rounds of the edging to do. Maybe by tonight the throbbing will stop.
Today is also the first day of grade 6 for my oldest. Sigh. Now I just have to get the youngest one to use a damn toilet, or they'll never let her into school. And I need her to go to school next year.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

So....Crochet....and Excuses

Right. Crochet. You'd think I've stopped crocheting entirely. Well, I haven't. I am just sooo very unorganized. For a few reasons.

~This @#%$! kitchen reno. I know. I get a brand new kitchen in the end. But it's turned my house into chaos for now. It's like being preggo. Sure, you get the baby in the end, but the sore back, leg cramps, leaky boobs, and heartburn all come first. I can't wait till my kitchen is born.
~They stopped playing Quincy reruns at 11:00 am. Sigh. That was a gaurenteed 1 hour of crocheting every day. I worked my whole day around sitting still and watching Quincy for an hour. Now it's a different show every day. I'm not a total slave to scheduals, but it helps me to have one thing a day that sort of, ya know, grounds me. Helps me catch my breath and carry on. Sigh.
~Every time I start a project, I think how great it would be if I could make it with my stolen
yarn. I need help. Or more of that yarn. I was going to get hubby to look for it on an upcoming work trip to Michigan (I already looked up the A.C. Moores there), but that trip is now cancelled due to his bomb disposal course.
~I keep trying to knit. TRY is the key word there. I used to be better at it. Now I can't get past the 2nd row. If I ever make it to row 3, I will post a picture. And maybe have a big party. I'm sure my kitchen will be born by then.

Of course, those are just the reasons (excuses) why I am unorganized. I have actually been crocheting a lot. I have 2 ponchos and hats and a scarf set finished and waiting to be put up on Ebay. I am also now working on my friend Kim's baby blankie. It's awesome. I will definately be writing the pattern out for this one. It's made to look like a patchwork quilt, but without sewing any squares together. And I will be edging it with Bernat LuLu. Sooo soft. I keep telling her how pretty all the yarns are, which worries her because she's having a boy. Some people just don't get that ALL yarn is pretty......even the boy colors.
Today is a cleaning day. Well, all days are cleaning days. On some of them I actually clean. Sometimes. But today really is. I hurt my back yesterday helping the delivery guy carry drywall(that was yesterday's reason to sit on the couch and crochet all day while watching CNN), but it feels better today . Then when hubby gets home from work, we are going to go pick up the new dishwasher. And on Friday we are going to Ottawa to pick up our new cabinets. I'm ever so excited.
Oh, and my camera is having battery issues, which is why I have no proof of all the work I am doing. I swear. It's true.