Thursday, September 01, 2005

So....Crochet....and Excuses

Right. Crochet. You'd think I've stopped crocheting entirely. Well, I haven't. I am just sooo very unorganized. For a few reasons.

~This @#%$! kitchen reno. I know. I get a brand new kitchen in the end. But it's turned my house into chaos for now. It's like being preggo. Sure, you get the baby in the end, but the sore back, leg cramps, leaky boobs, and heartburn all come first. I can't wait till my kitchen is born.
~They stopped playing Quincy reruns at 11:00 am. Sigh. That was a gaurenteed 1 hour of crocheting every day. I worked my whole day around sitting still and watching Quincy for an hour. Now it's a different show every day. I'm not a total slave to scheduals, but it helps me to have one thing a day that sort of, ya know, grounds me. Helps me catch my breath and carry on. Sigh.
~Every time I start a project, I think how great it would be if I could make it with my stolen
yarn. I need help. Or more of that yarn. I was going to get hubby to look for it on an upcoming work trip to Michigan (I already looked up the A.C. Moores there), but that trip is now cancelled due to his bomb disposal course.
~I keep trying to knit. TRY is the key word there. I used to be better at it. Now I can't get past the 2nd row. If I ever make it to row 3, I will post a picture. And maybe have a big party. I'm sure my kitchen will be born by then.

Of course, those are just the reasons (excuses) why I am unorganized. I have actually been crocheting a lot. I have 2 ponchos and hats and a scarf set finished and waiting to be put up on Ebay. I am also now working on my friend Kim's baby blankie. It's awesome. I will definately be writing the pattern out for this one. It's made to look like a patchwork quilt, but without sewing any squares together. And I will be edging it with Bernat LuLu. Sooo soft. I keep telling her how pretty all the yarns are, which worries her because she's having a boy. Some people just don't get that ALL yarn is pretty......even the boy colors.
Today is a cleaning day. Well, all days are cleaning days. On some of them I actually clean. Sometimes. But today really is. I hurt my back yesterday helping the delivery guy carry drywall(that was yesterday's reason to sit on the couch and crochet all day while watching CNN), but it feels better today . Then when hubby gets home from work, we are going to go pick up the new dishwasher. And on Friday we are going to Ottawa to pick up our new cabinets. I'm ever so excited.
Oh, and my camera is having battery issues, which is why I have no proof of all the work I am doing. I swear. It's true.


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