Thursday, October 27, 2005

Can't a Girl Get Some Rest Around Here?

I've been busy. So sue me. My mom, then my dad visiting, then my friend Kim going into labor on Monday night while her boyfriend was away with the army, so it was me that took her to the hospital in the middle of the night and stayed with her all day Tuesday, which still hadn't produced a baby but at least they finally gave her the epidural, and I still don't know if there's a baby since Hubby called on Tuesday night and needed a ride home from his course and that's 4 and half hours there and another 4 and half back and we got back too late last night to call her at the hospital and now today I don't have the car to go see her anyway, but I'm pretty sure there is a baby by now. I am sitting on my poor little run-ragged ass and being lazy. I am drinking gobs and gobs of coffee and indulging in some online games, which I never seem to have time for. That's it. The rest of them can fend for yourself. Till hubby gets home. Then I'm going on a baby hunt. I'll take photos.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Eeeeek! 30!

In exactly one month, I will be twenty-ten years old. If anyone asks, though, I'm only twenty-nine. So don't tell anyone.
I'm looking for advice. Help. Guidance into the darkness. Does it hurt? Will I suddenly start acting.....ya know....grown up? Is it true that the warranty expires at 30 and everything starts breaking? Do I have to cut my hair short and get a perm? I really hate perms.

The Upside of Hoarding

Loopholes. That's what I need. I am spending too much time cleaning. So I need a few loopholes so I can clean a bit less.
I have a sister that hoards everything that she thinks may someday be of value. We all think she's nuts. She has just about every McDonald's happy meal toy and treat-of-the-week since about 1990. A few even older. She has all kinds of candies, still in the package. Ya know, the kind that is promotional for a toy or movie. Barbie, Spiderman, WWF (before it changed to WWE). She has Buffy and Spike dolls, mint in the boxes. A collection of items from the 2000 New Year's. All of the vintage Nancy Drew hardcovers from the original printing, up to about #60 or so (these were actually mine, but somehow she ended up with them. Whatever, not worth the fight). The family's old Commador 64 computer with about 100 games. Everything. Every surface is covered. And she moves a lot. About every 6 months or so. Nobody will help her move anymore. Too much crap to carry.
But, I have a sneaking feeling that she will be laughing at us some day. Here are a few good reasons to never throw anything away:

I bet ya'll are kicking yourself. You had all the Strawberry Shortcake dolls too, didn't you? I know I did. And the ponies, too.
So, while I clean and sort my house, I will be content knowing that it's not always a bad thing to hang onto a few things. For investment reasons.
All right....break's over.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good Morning

My goodness. So much to catch up on. Don't worry. It won't all be in one big long rambling post.
My mom just left yesterday. We had a nice visit. She rented about a bazillion movies and spoiled my kids rotten and kept taking us out for dinner and shopping. Love ya, Mom.

Now I have today and tomorrow to get ready....for my dad. Yup. Just when I get rid of one, the next one flies in. My dad has never been here, though, so the house has to look really great. But, as if that wasn't enough, my crazy aunt and uncle are coming for the day on Saturday. I assume to inspect how I am living. I lived with them for a while when I was in high school. They're nuts. And pretty mean. I'll tell ya'll about it someday. For now, I just have to show them that not only am I not living in a ratty little house and feeding my kids canned spaghetti for every meal, but that my house is better than their house! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Screw you!
I'm sorry. That was mean. But kinda fun.
I have been crocheting some. During all of the bazillion movies we watched. By the way, if you haven't seen Hotel Rawanda, you really have to. You just do. Anyway, here's my pretty scarf and hat. It was supposed to be a gift, but I'm gonna keep it. For me. It is made with a cheap tweed style acrylic yarn, and a pattern of one row sc, next row 1 sc, 1 tr, repeat to end. The hat was the same, I just added stiches on the sc rows. I like it. I need to try it with some different yarns.

Oh, and I have a problem. If you have been reading here for a while ya'll know how I feel about flying. mom is having a surprise birthday party for my sisters in Edmonton. November 20th. She wants me to be there. It's my birthday, too, obviously. For those that haven't been paying attention, no, it's not a strange coincidence that we all have the same birthday. We're triplets. Duh. I know ya'll are thinking "Well, of course." But, you'd be amazed how many times we've had someone scratching their head, trying to figure it out.
So anyway.....I would have to fly. I just don't know if I can do it again. It's our 30'th birthday, so it's important to my mom and sisters. But I would have to fly. Pretend you are me and have a crippling fear of flying. What would you do?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tara Needs...

1...a new home
2...a friend! control her abandonment anxiety lay off the fake tan!
5...somewhere quiet to recuperate
6...some Dove firming cream from the looks of these photos
7...a drink! Hurry up, quick!
8...a new pair of boobs grow up QUICK be bathed

Ok, to be fair, I think most of that was being said about Tara Reid. I don't even tan. But I could use the new boobs.

To play, just Google “[your name] needs” and list the best.

I found this at Soapbox, who found it at Amelia Raitte.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Done, Done and Done

I had a bit more cleaning to do, but it's too late now. My mom will be here tomorrow to make her twice-a-year momspection of how her daughter is living. And she's bringing a friend. A very tidy friend. But, I did my best. And my best even included a small accident with a pair of scissors. It's only a minor cut. It only bled for a little while. On my right index finger. That's what bandages are for. And blood cleans off of cement porches, doesn't it? Whatever. It's too late now.
So, my room, my youngest's bedroom/guest room, the bathroom (I say "the" even though we technically have 2 bathrooms, but one is currently demolished and waiting in agony for the return of hubby to make it work again. It is now being used to store tools), the living/dining room, the kitchen and all of the stairwells and hallways are clean. As clean as they can get, anyway. There are still a few stray dishes and appliances in the dining room, hoping and praying they get chosen next to be put into the new kitchen. Some will go in. Some will be put in storage. Some will never see the inside of a kitchen again. Unless someone scavanges them at the dump. And that's just sad. But, nothing goes into my new kitchen unless it a) has a purpose, b) has a spot on the shelf, and c) looks clean and shiny. And clean and shiny takes time, people. So, the blender must wait his turn.
And, since there are actually all these clean spaces in my house, all at the same time, I thought I would show a few off.

Big giant window at the bottom of the stairs. It's the only remaining original window from when it was still a school. Like my vines?

Master Bedroom. Well, half of it. It's pretty big. Biggest dang bedroom I ever saw. And, yes. Yes we do shop a lot at IKEA.

My bathroom. Sigh. I love my bathroom. Again, I could only get half of it in the picture.

Now I am tired. And in need of a shower. And a live-in maid. I always say I had kids to help with this stuff, but did they help today?

"Sorry, Mom. I...umm....have lots of homework. Ya, that's it. Homework. You wouldn't want me to get in trouble for not doing my homework, would you?"

"But mom, I can't put my toys away yet. The ponies are having a paarrttty. See Mom, see my ponies? Want to kiss them? Mom? Mom? Want to kiss my ponies, Mom?"

Has anyone seen that roving band of Gypsies?

Speedbumps on the Road to Cleanliness

So, I get a message on my phone yesterday. It's from my mom.
"Hi. I'm in Ontario now (she lives in Alberta). I'll be visiting freinds for a bit and then I'll be at your house on Thursday." Eeeeeek. I knew she was coming, but I totally lost track of time. What with building a kitchen and organizing the toothbrush drawer and all. So, now I have today to finish all of my cleaning.
All of the rooms that I have already cleaned and organized in the past weeks are fine. That's the beauty of my newfound neat freakiness. I know that my bedroom, bathroom, hallways, kitchen, living and dining rooms are clean. I don't even have to look. It's amazing. The problem is the rooms I have not yet had time to clean. My daughters' rooms and my office are the big ones. I'm not even gonna take pictures for ya'll. It's too embarassing. I know that once I get them tidy, they will stay that way, but I'm out of time. There have been a few speedbumps slowing me down ever since I got that message.

Speedbump #1: A toddler with a bladder infection. It's difficult to describe what it's been like dealing with that the past 5 days. Hellish, may be a good word for it. Let's just say, I'm still watching for that roving band of Gypsies that I keep threatening my kids I will sell them to. I love her and all, but really. What a bag. Ok, yes, I know she's in pain. And when she cries in pain, I do all the right mom stuff and hug her and doctor her and cry a little myself. It's the part where she's using her illness to test every one of my limits. She has turned into the rudest, bossiest, most unreasonable little brat. My kids don't act like that. I don't allow it. But she's smart. She knows how to fake a few cries of pain to get out of punishment. This antibiotic better work fast. Especially with Granny coming to visit.

Speedbump #2: TV is goooood lately. I've been doing well with my evening time-management lately. Folding and ironing laundry while watching TV, unloading the dishwasher on commercials, etc. But overall, I could have gotten more done last night, if I had turned it off. Ya, right. Amazing Race, Commander in Chief, Supernatural, My Name is Earl, The Office. Come on. Like I wasn't gonna watch all that. Oh, and did ya'll see that episode of Supernatural last night? It scared the bejeezers out of me. Even though I am scared of darn near everything in real life, fictional stories don't usually bother me. I walked home by myself, in the dark, after watching The Sixth Sense. But last night. Yikes. It was about the old urban legend about Bloody Mary. Ya know, the one where you say her name 3 times in a dark bathroom and then she scratches your eyes out. I was sooooo scared of that growing up. To this day, I can't, cannot, be in a bathroom with the doors closed and the lights off. It freaks me out. I need to turn the TV off more, don't I? But those guys on that show are super cute. And they killed Bloody Mary. Sigh. My heros.

Speedbump #3: YARN. I am drowning in yarn. Tangled yarn. When did it all get so tangled? And it's all in my office, in plain view, so it has to be sorted before it can be tidied. I spent at least 3 hours untangling last night. Sure, I had TV to entertain me while I did it. But I hate it. Hate. Hate. Hate. I don't know why I didn't just throw most of it away. Ok, I know. It's yarn. But still. Isn't there a limit? Do ya'll spend that much time trying to save enough yarn to barely make a scarf? Is it a sickness I have? It must be.

Speedbump #4: Time. Yikes. I'm so out of time. It just keeps passing. Tick Tock. Oh, the pressure of it all. Sure, I have all of today and a bit of tomorrow. But ya'll haven't seen my office. It's like an office supply store and a yarn store got together for a few drinks, chatted a little, found a seedy No-Tell Motel and ....umm....loved each other very much. And created my office. And then it blew up. It's pretty bad. I really shouldn't even be sitting here. Drinking coffee. Chattering away to ya'll. Watching the sun rise. I need to get moving. After one more coffee.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

All Grown Up

When I was young, I was a slob. I couldn't clean my room of my life depended on it. My teachers all called me "Miss Messy" because my desk was constantly overflowing with crap. Ya'll don't even want to know how messy I got. To me, cleaning was something that "grown-ups" did.
So, a few years later, I was on my own, with a baby, and living in my own apartment. It was bad. Real bad. And I didn't care. In fact, I almost liked it. I was very reclusive and didn't want people in my home, so keeping it a pig sty was a great way of keeping visitors away. I had issues. I know. I've worked them out.
Then, I met hubby. We moved in together. I tried to be clean. I really did. But, the clean and tidy brain cells never seemed to develop in my head. There was always a dirty kitchen. There was always 18 piles of laundry. There was always dirty dishes and crap strewn about. This continued through an apartment, 2 military houses and now our newest house. Each time we have moved, I have become marginally better at staying neat and tidy. At least to the point where the health department wouldn't kick us out. But it has always been a battle.
I have always been in awe of people who can keep a house clean. Not sparkling. Just tidy. Nothing on the floor. Things put away. Dishes cleaned and in the cupboard. I know, all you tidy people are thinking "How can you not keep things clean???" Well, let me tell you, it can be a real struggle for some of us. And I have always viewed people who can accomplish it as "real grown-ups".
I am going to be 30 next month. (yikes) Somehow, I don't know how, I have finally, and quite suddenly, "grown up." I don't know what happened. One day, I cleaned my house like I occasionally do, expecting it to be disgusting again in a few days. It wouldn't take long for the clothes to pile up on bathroom floors and everyone's crap to be left sitting around. But a funny thing happened. I woke up the next morning....and I made my bed. Made my bed. I don't think I ever made my bed before, unless company was coming. During the day, I cleaned the kitchen twice. Then, later that night while watching TV....I folded laundry. And put it away. And not just sitting on top of dressers or chairs in the bedrooms. Actually put away. In drawers and on hangers. It was all very strange and not like me at all. But, it was just a one-day boredom thing, I was sure.
The next morning, I made my bed again. Huh. Funny. Then I went in the bathroom, did all my morning stuff, then cleaned it all up. I picked up all the towels off the floor. I put my brush back in the drawer. I put my toothbrush and toothpaste away. It was kinda odd. On my way downstairs, I saw my shoes on the floor. I had the most insane urge to put them in the closet. I hate when my shoes are in the closet. But, I put them there anyway. Then, just because I had a few minutes to spare, I vaccumed the floors. Seriously, it was all getting weird.
This was almost 2 weeks ago. And it's all still neat and tidy. I'm still making my bed and putting all the shoes away. I fold laundry and iron every evening (hubby about passed out when I told him I was ironing). Then I put it all away. It's like some switch in my brain was flicked on. Or aliens took over. Whatever, I don't care, it works. It only took almost 30 years, but I think I am finally all growed up.

And in Crochet News:
Not much. I'm busy cleaning. But I am still working on a few things. This was just a quickie scarf and hat made with leftover green and purple acrylics. Well, not quite quickie, since there were a lot of ends to hide, but's cute.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back to Crochet

Today, I finally crocheted again. I think it's been about 3 weeks. That's just shocking. Nothing big, just a striped scarf and hat set. In purple and green. It's cute. I'll post pics tomorrow. Just thought I would tell ya'll now, in case you were worried. Don't fear. I do still crochet. I won't be needing to change the name of my blog just yet. So ya'll can rest easy.

Why My New Kitchen is 'Steeped'

Jana, a fellow Canadian blogger, has given me a very high Canadian compliment and said that my kitchen is steeped. That's just the sweetest thing, Jana. I might cry.
I have been getting a ton of compliments, though, and I thought I would let ya'll know why my new kitchen is steeped.

We planned. A LOT. We actually spent about a year and a half in the planning phase before we even touched a tool. Why? Because people change their minds. A lot. We all do it. There's nothing wrong with it. But, if we had stuck with our first plan, we would have a kitchen that has twice as many cabinets (which would take up too much room), a monstrosity of tiles on almost every surface and would have cost at least 4 times as much. Luckily, hubby likes to plan kitchens. It was very cute. He would sit at the table and draw little boxes on his
Home Depot kitchen planning worksheet, and mutter to himself for hours. Very cute. But he did this 6 times. And each time, the plan got smaller and more simple. Eventually he came up with the final plan and even Bob, the Home Depot kitchen planning guy, told him it was a great plan. I think hubby blushed. Awwww.

We shopped. A LOT. I have always been a bargain hunter, and this has been my ultimate challange. A kitchen is a big deal. And, since the whole idea is to attract buyers when we eventually sell this house, it can't look cheap. The trick is to buy good things on sale, or great things on clearance, or cheap things that look great. The cabinets are
Mill's Pride. Not the most expensive ones, and we didn't get all the little doo-dads that they offer, but not the cheapest, either. The floors are also 'middle-of-the-road'. Same with the counters. The sink looks like ceramic but is really a high quality fiberglass. It was actually cheaper than some of the ugly steel sinks.
The faucet was a great find. It's made by Peerless and was at Canadian Tire. Hubby and I disagreed about it, becuase I didn't want to spend 200 bucks on a faucet. I know, I know, that's a steal for a faucet like that. But I still resisted. Turns out, my cheap-ass instincts were right. Just a few weeks ago, it went on sale. If you shop at Canadian Tire, you know what that means. They have goooood sales. It went down to $130. Now THAT I can handle. No pun intented. Ok, fine, I intended it.
The decorative things were all cheap. The sink mat and oven mitts from Walmart, the red cassarole dish from Giant Tiger, and the flower pots and vases and all that were from
Homesense (Jana, you have to go there NOW if you are using the same colors. They have soooo much stuff right now, but it will probably be overrun with Christmas stuff soon). It was all very cheap. The candlesticks were on clearance. I love my candlesticks.
But, you get the idea. I didn't buy a single thing without shopping around first.

We did as much as we could ourselves. Really, all we had to pay people to do for us was the floor and countertop. The rest was all us. The floors because we didn't want to mess up an expensive peice of lino. That would suck. The countertops because hubby had to go away and I couldn't do that myself. I can do a lot, but I have limits. But, I did learn how to do a lot of things that I wouldn't have if he hadn't gone away. I used an air compressor and a staple gun to lay down plywood for the floors. I learned how to drywall. I love to drywall. I have a lot more to say about drywalling, but that will be another day, another post. But I loved it. I have built cabinets and stained wood and painted walls and ceilings and put up door trim and so on and so on. Hubby did all the electrical and plumbing and lifted all the heavy things. It's been great. And we charge a lot less in labor costs.

So, we now almost have a steeped kitchen. All that's really left is the baseboards and some trim around the cabinets and window, a few cabinet doors we are waiting for delivery on and a light. We haven't actually choosen a light, yet. Well, we did. We bought pot lights. But we've changed out minds. So now we have some more shopping to do. That's steeped.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Kitchen Teasers

I'm sooooo close to finishing this kitchen. And then I will live in it. Forever. It's so very, very pretty. And the cabinets don't even have doors yet. But I'm anxious to show it off. So here's a few teaser pics.

Ta da! A new floor! And a pretty sink mat.

My new bestest friend.

Remember the old faucet?

Much better!

And, some pretty doo-dads and what-nots. Because pretty kitchens deserve pretty things.

If ya'll need me, I'll be living in my kitchen. With my pretty things. And my dishwasher.