Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Done, Done and Done

I had a bit more cleaning to do, but it's too late now. My mom will be here tomorrow to make her twice-a-year momspection of how her daughter is living. And she's bringing a friend. A very tidy friend. But, I did my best. And my best even included a small accident with a pair of scissors. It's only a minor cut. It only bled for a little while. On my right index finger. That's what bandages are for. And blood cleans off of cement porches, doesn't it? Whatever. It's too late now.
So, my room, my youngest's bedroom/guest room, the bathroom (I say "the" even though we technically have 2 bathrooms, but one is currently demolished and waiting in agony for the return of hubby to make it work again. It is now being used to store tools), the living/dining room, the kitchen and all of the stairwells and hallways are clean. As clean as they can get, anyway. There are still a few stray dishes and appliances in the dining room, hoping and praying they get chosen next to be put into the new kitchen. Some will go in. Some will be put in storage. Some will never see the inside of a kitchen again. Unless someone scavanges them at the dump. And that's just sad. But, nothing goes into my new kitchen unless it a) has a purpose, b) has a spot on the shelf, and c) looks clean and shiny. And clean and shiny takes time, people. So, the blender must wait his turn.
And, since there are actually all these clean spaces in my house, all at the same time, I thought I would show a few off.

Big giant window at the bottom of the stairs. It's the only remaining original window from when it was still a school. Like my vines?

Master Bedroom. Well, half of it. It's pretty big. Biggest dang bedroom I ever saw. And, yes. Yes we do shop a lot at IKEA.

My bathroom. Sigh. I love my bathroom. Again, I could only get half of it in the picture.

Now I am tired. And in need of a shower. And a live-in maid. I always say I had kids to help with this stuff, but did they help today?

"Sorry, Mom. I...umm....have lots of homework. Ya, that's it. Homework. You wouldn't want me to get in trouble for not doing my homework, would you?"

"But mom, I can't put my toys away yet. The ponies are having a paarrttty. See Mom, see my ponies? Want to kiss them? Mom? Mom? Want to kiss my ponies, Mom?"

Has anyone seen that roving band of Gypsies?


Blogger Marisa said...

Ha! My mom used to always tell me she'd sell us to the gypsies -- and after seeing the movie "Heidi", I thought that was a real possibility.

It didn't work on me, either.

12:32 a.m.  
Blogger noricum said...

Have you heard of Freecycle? Check out It's great for getting rid of still-useful stuff without filling up the dump. :)

9:05 a.m.  
Blogger noricum said...

Or is it Yes, I think that's it.

9:07 a.m.  
Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

Your house looks great and your girls are adorable...

8:25 p.m.  

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