Thursday, November 17, 2005

30 Before 30

Shit. Too late for this little game. I suppose I could manage to get a few things done in the next....let me, really, I have to stop and think about this....about sixty hours. Sixty flippin' hours. Shit. Ok, let's see..
1. Drink a cup of coffee.
2. Surf my fav blogs.
3. Tell little one it's not lunch yet and no you cannot have your big sister's halloween candy for lunch even if it was (this hasn't happened yet, but I swear it will, I'm psychic).
4. Drink some more coffee.
5. Make lunch (not halloween candy, probably soup and grilled cheese).
6. Get more coffee (I made an extra few cups today. I have 30 things to do, dammit).
7. Get dressed.
8. Do laundry.
9. Clean kitchen.
10. Make dinner.
11. Clean kitchen.
12. Clean floors.
13. Finish making the Corny plastic bag holder for my sister for Christmas.
14. Watch everything except ER, which I love but is about a plane crashing and, um...ya. I'm going on a plane tomorrow. I think I'll watch it in reruns.
15. Whew. Half done. Go to bed.
16. Get up and make coffee.
17. Make myself all pretty with hairdryers and makeup and crap like that.
18. Get the brat dressed and fed.
19. Sigh. Go on the plane to Edmonton.
20. Shop at the Open-till-Midnight Walmart for Christmas gifts for everyone in Edmonton, so I don't have to pay to ship a package. I'm so cheap, I love it.
21. Sleep.
22. Get up and drink my dad's crappy coffee. I'll be hiding at his house.
23. Get to my mom's for the surprise party.
24. Yell SURPRISE!
25. Get a drink.
26. Get drunk.
27. Tell all the "cool" girls from high school (my sister's friends) what I really think of them. And make fun of their fat husbands, too.
28. Pass out.
29. ...umm....that's it, I guess. Out of time. I suppose getting all the way to 30 in 60 hours was just a pipe dream.

I need more coffee.


Blogger Jocelyn Sass said...

I've got it! You can crochet on the plane. Will that do? Happy, happy 30th birthday!

2:57 p.m.  
Blogger Dak-Ind said...

thirty was no fun, thirty one wasa little better. until i realize the next 0 birthday is 40. that one will NOT BE GOOD. i think when the calander says 35 i will start saying 27. permanently.

11:35 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 30th Tara, may the force of the Crochet Muse be with you!

7:20 a.m.  

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