Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Save the Rainforest (aka My Livingroom)

Amateur attempt to follow a photoshop tutorial number 2:

This photoshop tutorial focused on making a matted frame for a photo. I learned more about the various shortcuts, the gradient tool, some texture effects, and how to dropshadow a layer.

Why a mosquito? I felt it a fitting tribute to the 8 billion of the little bastards I've killed in the last few days.

It's about +30 here (that's Celsius. I think in Fahrenheit it's the equivalent of 'pretty darn hot'). And that's without taking the humidity into account. And considering we have had at at least one torrential downpour per day for the past three days, the humidity is nothing to scoff at.

My living room is starting to feel like a tropical rainforest, including all of the blood-sucking monster skeeters. And minus the plants. I can't grow mold on cheese, let alone a tropical potted tree.

I'm a prairie girl, people. I can't handle this heat. It makes me cranky.

And cranky girls rant. And I was going to. I was all set to go. It was about the TV show, The Backyardigans. If you have a young kid or two, you know what I mean. They sing. And dance. And are sooooooo annoying. And every single one of their songs, including the opening theme song, gets stuck in my head and WON'T STOP DRIVING ME INSANE!

But then I got a nice comment from another blogger, Jennifer, and I decided to go check out her blog. And it's all about the Backyardigans. Because she loves them. And their songs. What the heck are the odds of that?????

So, uh, I guess I'll be polite and not rant about the Backyardigans.

I think I will go do another tutorial.


Blogger .:Cris:. said...

Awww, but don't you just LOVE the episode about the crusty old prospectors?!?

Agreed. Backyardigans top the "annoying crap to occupy my brats" list LOL

So glad we don't have Nick anymore.

You're welcome to join me under my window a/c unit in my nick jr free hovel, Tara :)


3:17 p.m.  
Blogger Lucy said...

My son was small in Pokeman era....thank goodness that's gone!

3:45 p.m.  
Blogger Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I love the Backyardigans. My son loves to run around yelling, "Soccer Monster!!!" He has 3 of their tapes now. My favorite episode was the castaways one. I just love that their music is original. All the crap they sing on Barney is knockoffs of other songs.

I thank the lord for the day Nick stopped watching Barney. My dad and I got in trouble at a store for punching some stuffed Barneys. hehehe We got some really nasty looks. hehe

5:38 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son was into Barney, Power Rangers and Pokemon; my daughter watches every teeny bopper wiseacre girl show..and the kids wonder why I can't seem to finish a sentence!

Thanks for sharing the tutorial...I have a lot to learn with photoshop. Got any more?

1:12 a.m.  
Blogger Nichole D. said...

Weeeee're your best friends, the.....

11:08 a.m.  

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